are boring to make but I have nothing else to do.
Hi, I'm Axel•le, somewhat an illustrator but I mostly pretend I know how to do stuff and then make them to fill up the expectations.
I am both Eva and Axel from our system, and neither of them. I'm me.
I'm queer, I'm NBfem, I'm most probably a lesbian by orientation and will not take the time to argue the fact that you can or can't be lesb and be with not-a-woman

Many hearts on you all

That being said, if you want to make accountancy and else, my DMs are opened.

If you have questions about systems and why I am saying I am 2 people but neither and still 1, answers are on @blackwater

@dustyqueersheep Just wanted to say that the cat doing a little *mlem* is adorable

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