When you never express it, knee deep into it. When the past cycles back to you, when the heart only listen to this pain and start feeding it back to you.

Psychological drawing for the first day of whatever you want to call this ink October challenge in 2020

I will sell every drawing done this month with ink. Bear with me, I am bad with prices, but do not hesitate in contacting me.

Trying to balance the mood.
(See how this is gonna be the first time I do a thread of my inktober or any challenge really)

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Somewhere along the road, where dreams are stepped upon, worlds disappear.
It's time to bring mine back.

Dedicated to my old self who knew how to dream and wonder.

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[tooting back this with a picture slightly less off]

I used to cry and wonder at the star, sitting at my room's window. Years of anger and wishing to get out of a psychological hell, wondering about worlds untouched by humans.

Yet not an autoportrait.

(Still selling all of my inktobers)

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I feel like I need to specify, even though it was not my intent to make it seem like that :
Not a cop.

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@Grandasse_ Oh rigolo tiens. J'ai oublié de mentionner, mais c'est en fait inspiré de certaines oeuvres de ameisenkaiser, un tatoueur sur insta.

@xenophora becaus that was a really uninspired one :x (also you can't see well but the paper is butchered by the ink)

@dustyqueersheep this character gives an "annoyingly cheerful" vibe: you know you want to stay away from them! lol

@narF thank you, I'm pretty proud of myself on that one

Magnifique :amaze:

Je connais pas le style de rhimel, mais influence de Fiona n'échappe pas à la fan complète que je suis :bulbuwu:

@kaerhon @rhimel

@punky c'est un gribouillis behind the scene de branchage qu'il a fait qui m'a aidé.e :) @kaerhon @rhimel

@dustyqueersheep I really like what you did with the background here.

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