I am seeing lots of art pieces on the instance not having image description.

If this is not a pure impossibility to you, please do describe your images, there is a function in mastodon especially for that.

It can be extremely helpful for blind people, neuroatypical people, and so on.

It's ok to sometimes forget but please do.
The fonction has been implemented for a reason.

Boost this up!

If it helps in motivating you, know that people are less likely to share your art if they notice you don't do the effort of putting an image description, because of lack of accessibility.

@dustyqueersheep If you can't or don't want to write an image description and the image is central to understanding the post, consider adding a CW: no image description. This saves time for people with screen readers and text browsers who know to move on because they can't access the image.


My own eyesight isn't great, so I'll just add the descriptor to the main body of the post. It doesn't look as neat, but hey at least it's there.

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