That being said, let's go print. You have 45 minutes left if you want a print printed and sent for this afternoon :D


As a reminder so that you don't have to search endlessly through my talks on my profile, here they are

Lost Child (fabercastell ink)
Violence (indianink)
Mad Universe (indianink)
Mad Wolf (indianink)

30€ each printed version + shipping cost

Hidden for the Violence drawing (top right)

Last but not least, I allow myself to present to you a correction for Lost Child.
The one you have in the precedent toot can end up pixelated when printed (because have been zoomed up).
This one is the normal version, higher quality, same size as the original.

I will stop bothering you with all of that now :)

Time to go.
Thanks for the boosts.

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@dustyqueersheep Intensely surreal, maybe; I wouldn't really call it "violent".

A lot of this reminds me of Berni Wrightson somehow.

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