Because this is may and I love whales and I hate the worlds' destruction

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Does anyone know of an commissionable artists, including yourselves? I just want to look around and see. Thank you!

First time with gouache since my 12s'.

Thanks @robin for sending me the material ^.^

Painted on the back of a bloc note

Each time I compare myself to @lila_bliblu or @kaerhon , I say to myself I can't art.

But then I say to myself I can do my own thing. And they inspire me.

Thanks again to them both for sharing everything because they're an inspiration, at the end of the day.
I know they struggle a lot too, please give them support.

even though it is not friday

If you are following me here, just know that I am doing better.
Reading a lot, drawing far lesser.

But I will get back to it.
Each night I have urges and cravings about drawing or painting.

It is the way it is, I have to take care of myself.
I hope you have the wit to do so as well.

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Posting something for once.
Working on a tattoo project commission
Family themed.

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Just a quick note to say that my projects are still ongoing.
But due to really bad mental health, I don't post much I am sorry.
I'll be back on track as soon as possible.

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