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Telemarketers underestimate my willingness to block every. single. phone number that calls me

Update: Pidge o’ the High Seas v0.8.7

* Birds have been put in cages underground for reasons.
* You must rescue them - 2 to find so far
* Rescuing birds may unlock new areas.
* Illuminating a grid of tiles intelligently is difficult.


creators - how do you get your work in front of new readers? Any tips you'd like to share? Also, anyone looking for guest comics?

today? OK!

Briargate is a comic about the inconvenience of suddenly finding yourself in a magical land. Also there is a talking cat.

Updates Fridays!

a cartoon animal gets punched 

This animation lives rent-free in my head forever:


Mastodon has a verification mechanism, though it looks different from Twitter's. We do not ask for your documents. Instead, if you have a website that you are known by, you can verify that you are the owner of that website.

Link to your Mastodon profile from the website, either through a visible link, or through a <link> tag in the head of the document, with a rel=me attribute, and link back to that page from your Mastodon profile. It should then get a green checkmark, like @Mastodon.

Update: The drop in Haezer's Minted is still top notch.


Current server costs are 280 EUR a month. :O

If you can help, it would be very much appreciated, especially considering we will probably need to upgrade again going forward to cater to new users coming over from birbsite.

.ART runs entirely on community funding. There are not and will never be ads, and everything is moderated and managed by real people. <3


Number of people who have sung the praises of the no NFT rule: ♾️

Number of people who've complained: 2


Now is a good time for artists to post on #MastoArt and for newcomers to follow the #MastoArt hashtag.

Pidge o' the High Seas: a game I'm working on. pidge-of-the-high-seas.herokua - chrome/brave on a desktop is your best bet - this thing ain't polished up yet.


Looks like there's still some slowness with uploading images.

I know you're all super excited to share your art, but meanwhile, some things you can do:

Open the Local tab/column and scroll through to find new friends to follow and art to comment on. Start building your new family <3

Post an . Let everyone know who you are! If you're not sure what to write, tell us what your favourite things to create are!

Search some hashtags to find people on other instances to follow!

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