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19: Scorched.
The fire caves beneath the swamp go deep into the earth and then rock. While the right path will take you safely to the other side, the wrong path goes near to the heart of the earth, and to things best left undisturbed.

18: Bottle.
Potion making falls into 12 schools of thought, with different brews created by different potioners. The prepared healer must always keep themselves well stocked, for one never knows the needs of the journey ahead.

17: Swollen.
A fight is a fight, no matter how brief. A win is a win, no matter how small. Defending a country from war, or just a small meadow from undead wasps calls for bravery and skill.

16: Angular.
The peaks of the unnamed mountains to the west are too numerous to count. Passing over is difficult and passing under dangerous, but travelers must choose one, for to go around is impossible.

15: Weak.
Even an honorary member must know this mantra: To help those unable to help themselves, to defend the weak and uphold justice, this is the call of the guard. To help the small helps us all.

14: Clock.
Be careful who you disrespect while carousing. A fist fight is not beneath the dignity of a Proudtail when rude remarks are made. Once the fight is fought you can be sure that more than noggins will be sore tomorrow morning.

13: Guarded.
Lawrence Darkplume has faithfully served in the royal guard for three generations. Though opportunities for advancement have come frequently due to his record of service, he has always declined, choosing instead to serve and to travel with Northwood emissaries through the treacherous wilds.

12: Whale. “Mike” Proudtail is the fourth of eleven brothers and sisters. Brave, daring and kind, she has fought with the Order of the Whale for over three years now. Though she is near smallest in size, she is unmatched in missions completed and foes vanquished within the guild. She is a loyal friend and a constant encouragement.

11: Cruel.
A short detour through a ancient field to a small graveyard. A lost friend makes the world seem a bit colder and a bit crueler.

10: Flowing.
As they make their way south countless miles through forest and glade, travelers will pass this spot and choose whether to pass by or to stop and rest. Those that choose to rest will leave feeling new in unexpected ways, their step lighter and their load lighter.

9: Precious.
Though Michelle kept a neat house and fairly few possessions, she was at least 1/4 pack rat on her mother’s side and occasionally needed something sparkly or precious to take with her. The items were inevitably lost or given away on her many travels. This never seemed to bother her much, though. She enjoyed them for a while, then let them pass to others.

8: Star.
The crystalline caves in the mountains west of Brightgrove supposedly house crystal formations eons old. Whether this is true or a local legend, they are a popular pilgrimage stop for miles around due to the vast star fields they project. The crystals are valueless save for novelty, but that doesn’t stop the local village offering them as the cure for any malady a gullible traveler might be burdened with. Wise travelers avoid the village and visit the caves.

7: Exhausted.
The miles are long even as the days draw short. Springtime is the time for preparation, and summer travel. Those who travel in autumn have urgent need to finish their trek before Winter’s first bite.

6: Drooling.
The mires and swamps of Northwood are sprawling and difficult to avoid. Deadly predators inhabit its darkest haunts which makes the choice of working around or cutting through a difficult one. The dire alliraptor is one of the more formidable predators of the region, growing up to 13 feet tall.

5: Chicken.
While the pedigree and grace of the west lake shortbeak remains unmatched, a long journey requires a hardier and friendlier breed of riding-chicken. The northern grey legplume fits the bill as a tireless mount for travelers of a shorter stature.

4: Spell.
Amber ward eggs are relatively uncommon, but the princess’ was of a quality unseen as far back as anyone could remember. Even a novice caster could make the bauble spark and glow. In time, it was hoped, the right owner might learn to wield its full potential.

3: Roasted.
The forest is vast, and so can be challenging to pack supplies for. Luckily its supply of monsters and firewood is vast as well, so the clever traveler need never go hungry. Just so long as they can stomach some roasted bog sucker.

2: Tranquil.

The trail is long and the path winding, those who travel it must stop to rest and recover. To rest is to find that the world continues on without your efforts, and that in quiet and stillness lies renewal. The day's travel is enough, and the path onward will keep 'till tomorrow.

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