Minecraft 1.15: We'll see who makes the most honey.

Welcome new :mastoart: folks! Hope you enjoy your stay <3

Hi folks! I've been lurking for too long!! Finished up a large project (big ol' mural), that took a few months to pull off -- time to get back in the rhythm of posting smaller pieces!

Oof. Been here, but just lurking. Life is crazy busy these days. I'll try and get some art/games/lamps/cats done here before long to post. Still here, still love y'all.

Makin a game about potions. The graphics are... not final.

30: Jolt.
The full power of the artifact is unknown. What is known is that the Princess had grown in her ability to wield it quickly- quicker than anyone had anticipated. The power it expelled had grown on orders of magnitude over her weeks on the road.

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