30: Jolt.
The full power of the artifact is unknown. What is known is that the Princess had grown in her ability to wield it quickly- quicker than anyone had anticipated. The power it expelled had grown on orders of magnitude over her weeks on the road.

29: Double.
It’s unclear whether the Mirror of Ebriot shows things that were, things that are, things that will be, or is just some sort of post apocalyptic punk universe. Some things must remain mysteries.

28: Gift.
Gaeluk is King of the underforest and is rarely seen in the waking world. But now and again as travelers pass his domain they‘ll catch sight of one of his subjects. When the dark lord of the forest sends an envoy with a gift, you never know what to expect.

27 Thunder.
Princess Elisabeth Lightfoot, youngest daughter of the throne and 7th in the royal line of succession. For a member of royalty to travel the roads like a common adventurer would normally be unthinkable, but her prowess with bow and possession of a certain penchant for disaster opened doors normally closed. Even still, she was sent with two of the kingdoms most capable warriors to keep her safe.

26: Stretch.
Teamwork is the key to any good journey. A good team will work together to overcome whatever pitfalls they face. A team will push one another to get out of comfort zones. A team will hurry the hell up and stop stretching out my spine.

25: Prickly.
The dry areas of the southern region are mercifully small, as aggressive flora tend to congregate there. The Saguaro Ent is among the grumpiest inhabitants and one of the more formidable foes travelers may face.

24: Chop.
Local wood cutters and stone workers are the best for asking directions from- their knowledge of the hills and valleys of the region is deep, and they usually know the places to avoid. Knowing where a sleeping bear or dragon sleeps can be the difference between a good day and a very bad day.

23: Muddy.
The mud you don’t want to slip on is the slickest of mud. The cattails build up dry ground over the years, but even so the swamp is mostly shallow muck. Good luck getting through without needing new boots.

22: Expensive.
Goblins keep a messy house, but have an keen eye for fine weaponry. Goods collected from every direction make their way into this shop, and anything and everything is for sale. Just don’t expect to have much coin left when you finish here.

21: Drain.
The sewers of an abandoned castle are rarely nice, but can provide quick access to its interior. Just beware whatever has been thrown down the drain.

20: Breakable.
The rock golem is a useful tool, but must be handled carefully, lest it escape and make its home in loose mid and silt. The wilds of the swamp flats have the tendency to drive a golem mad, making it a danger to any passer by unfortunate enough to meet it.

19: Scorched.
The fire caves beneath the swamp go deep into the earth and then rock. While the right path will take you safely to the other side, the wrong path goes near to the heart of the earth, and to things best left undisturbed.

18: Bottle.
Potion making falls into 12 schools of thought, with different brews created by different potioners. The prepared healer must always keep themselves well stocked, for one never knows the needs of the journey ahead.

17: Swollen.
A fight is a fight, no matter how brief. A win is a win, no matter how small. Defending a country from war, or just a small meadow from undead wasps calls for bravery and skill.

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