I'm Rick. I code things and draw stuff. I'm super old. I do digital art and make comics. You can see some of that stuff at drinkdecaf.com

I have three cats that are great. I'm sorry, but sometimes I will post pictures of them. Its just the way it has to be.

I live in Colorado and make websites for a living. I've made a few games, published a comic, and have a kick-ass halloween display in October.

mastodon.art/media/4T-f4ZRQPF4 mastodon.art/media/wAg9zYqzPyS mastodon.art/media/rJeNv-qEfbY mastodon.art/media/_kB2L4tYik7

@drinkdecaf Hello there Rick.... Are you the Rickiest Rick there is ? Sorry I could not resist... 😊 mastodon.art/media/S4ALmx-Zy7s


@champi haha no I’m more of a morty if I’m being honest :P

@drinkdecaf héhé it's fine. How could a Rick go without a Morty?

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