creators - how do you get your work in front of new readers? Any tips you'd like to share? Also, anyone looking for guest comics?

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@drinkdecaf What kind of comics and what audience are you looking for?

@AlexW For me personally I don't know that I'm looking for any particular audience other than "folks interested in comics" - mine is a fantasy/comedy series thats pretty lighthearted. Maybe thats part of my challenge though - targeting a specific audience could be a better way to go!

But the question really goes for however each author goes about putting their work out in the world, interested to hear different folks' takes

@drinkdecaf I asked, because a lot of online zines might be interested, especially (I think) in the fantasy/SF vein. I know it's the kind of thing I'd read (SFF).

But yeah, I know how it is. It's difficult to get noticed online at the best of times.

@AlexW oooh - thats a good idea, I've done a few zine collabs a while back, its a ton of fun and definitely gets new eyes on your work!!

@drinkdecaf It’s a great way to connect with different people and yeah, get your work out there. Word of mouth can be huge.

@drinkdecaf Oooh, we just posted a few social media tips about promoting webcomics on my group's blog. They are mostly geared toward Twitter but have a few things that are more universal.

I'm also constantly chatting with comic creators on Discord, which I think is a nice way to get familiar with other comics and get/give feedback about compelling promo art or pitches. Also nice when they talk up your stuff, though that's never a guarantee!

@delphina2k Great resource, thank you!!

Any specific webcomic servers on discord, or just folks you are friends with, mostly?

@drinkdecaf Yeah, I have a few recommendations! All of them have different moods/rules about promotion and engagement, hopefully one is good for you:

Webcomic Library Discord

SpiderForest Webcomic Collective Discord

Webcomic Garden Discord

Screen Tones Podcast Discord

@drinkdecaf i just show them to my friends. they already know some of my previous work and they seem to genuinely care about/enjoy it (to the point of referencing it even when i'm not around?)

i try to post it on public places so others can see it too, but it's not as effective as i kinda wish it was

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