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I'm Rick. I code things and draw stuff. I'm super old. I do digital art and make comics. You can see some of that stuff at

I have three cats that are great. I'm sorry, but sometimes I will post pictures of them. Its just the way it has to be.

I live in Colorado and make websites for a living. I've made a few games, published a comic, and have a kick-ass halloween display in October.

Anyone else doing the OCT at

Minecraft 1.15: We'll see who makes the most honey.

Welcome new :mastoart: folks! Hope you enjoy your stay <3

Hi folks! I've been lurking for too long!! Finished up a large project (big ol' mural), that took a few months to pull off -- time to get back in the rhythm of posting smaller pieces!

Oof. Been here, but just lurking. Life is crazy busy these days. I'll try and get some art/games/lamps/cats done here before long to post. Still here, still love y'all.

Makin a game about potions. The graphics are... not final.

30: Jolt.
The full power of the artifact is unknown. What is known is that the Princess had grown in her ability to wield it quickly- quicker than anyone had anticipated. The power it expelled had grown on orders of magnitude over her weeks on the road.

29: Double.
It’s unclear whether the Mirror of Ebriot shows things that were, things that are, things that will be, or is just some sort of post apocalyptic punk universe. Some things must remain mysteries.

28: Gift.
Gaeluk is King of the underforest and is rarely seen in the waking world. But now and again as travelers pass his domain they‘ll catch sight of one of his subjects. When the dark lord of the forest sends an envoy with a gift, you never know what to expect.

27 Thunder.
Princess Elisabeth Lightfoot, youngest daughter of the throne and 7th in the royal line of succession. For a member of royalty to travel the roads like a common adventurer would normally be unthinkable, but her prowess with bow and possession of a certain penchant for disaster opened doors normally closed. Even still, she was sent with two of the kingdoms most capable warriors to keep her safe.

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