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Hullo, I'm an artist who doesn't quite take myself very seriously. I enjoy history and birds and muck about with comics, art and writing. I'm trying to get better at everything. More of my stuff over here at the tumblies (where I post most of my arts and other creative ventures) (mostly artsy inspiration stuff and history hijinks)

A bit of @dreaming_in_sapphire fan-art, as a thank you for advertising Without that, I probably wouldn't have joined.)

This is constable Sheldon Schillinger, a character from a 2011 NaNoMangO by @dreaming_in_sapphire. (And to date one of my favourite NaNoMangO's I saw happening.)


after a hiatus one of my favourite webcomics, The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by @kylelatino has returned with a new chapter. It's a joyful, playful genre-bending fantasy epic with a touch of Pratchett & a dose of your favourite moments from an anarchic laugh-out-loud D&D session.

dive in here:

or get started here:

Hello! This is my take to ! I'm 2D&3D artist from northern Europe, and my all eternal love lies with video games. I do a lot of fanart, but I've been sporting more originals lately as well!

Read "A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," a Hilarious & Informative Collection of Early Modern English Slang (1785)

Here we have Alonzo Paxton, a self-centered raccoon. He is about to wake up all alone in a railroad freight car covered in a massive quantity of chocolate pudding... in the Twilight Zone.

Whenever I sit down and just think about stuff I feel irrationally guilty that I'm not actively working. THIS IS BAD!!!

It's very important to remember that in creative work of any kind (this includes things like programming tbh), the more time you spend getting your thoughts in order, the smoother your execution will be. Even just taking a walk and letting your brain air out a little can be invaluable. 100% efficiency does not mean 100% active work.

You're not invited to her party...

A little WIP. I'm learning as I go along hopefully it won't turn out too bad

The Emperor | 2009

This one was a bit of a breakthrough painting, back then. I heavily experimented with Corel Painter pattern brushes (thank you, Android Jones!) and some of my own photos of my budgie's feathers.

It was one of those paintings that kind of just come alive on their own and it's magical... and it doesn't repeat for years.

(If you'd like to support my art, you can buy me a coffee <3

Hey Mastodon friends!

Having a sale over at Redbubble! Buy any 2 spiral or hardbound journals or notebooks and get 15% off! Come help encourage my photography habit! shop--->stationery

While I love art and writing both take FOREVER to do. I'm just so slow! But now I've started mucking around with photography. I'm a rank amateur but taking photos seems to come much quicker and easier for me. Here's my New Year's resolution I guess, about four days too late.

@Curator a question! Are requests for boosts for online storefronts where you sell your art etc. considered advertising? I am asking because I opened one recently and wondered if it was alright to ask for boosts on here to spread the word about it. Thank you!

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