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Another commission piece of my friend's character, Vallerin Dauremant!

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Dauntless confirmed for GotY. 10/10.

Roomate wanted a new phone background featuring the goodest of boys, our cat Nicky!

A commission piece I did for my friend of a pinup Y'shtola from Final Fantasy XIV

Ulyssa the undine! A character I was planning to play for a pathfinder game that never got off the ground.

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I posted a bit of my art on my @dreamfluxx account before really figuring out how this works so sorry about some pieces showing up twice.

A mermaid based on the terrifying Reaper Leviathan from Subnautica!

Hey there! I'm dream fluxx, 29 she/her. Pan and polyamorous artist who is experimenting a lot with various mediums and styles. Right now I like doing digital art, colored pencils, and oil pastels. I love drawing merfolk, D&D characters, and pokemon!

Art dump incoming!


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