So as I work on redesigning things, I come across a set of questions, like "what makes you different". I grok what they are saying. In terms of marketing, how of you stand out? Right? Right.

So, here's the thing. I just am. I've been an outcast, weirdo, misfit, non-conformist that will question EVERYTHING. I've questioned my faith, my life, my reality - everything.

So I ask my son... "What's different about me? What makes me stand out?" (See reply for answer)

So my Son Says.... Show more

But on the side of marketability... HOW am I different?



I just don't really fit in... and I'm a starter versus a finisher. A dreamer that comes up with solutions and ideas who loves seeing other people see them to the end. I like seeing OTHER people succeed.

But I'm also like Alice going down a rabbit hole after questions. I don't like bullies and will voice that openly if someone else is attacked. YET, I also play Devil's Advocate to get people to STOP yelling and START talking and listening.

I like being an advocate to things I'm passionate about. Like and usability, diversity and compassion to others.

But HOW do I make this into something I can market about myself? o.O

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