Bad news: I got laid off. I could loose my house and car... and kids... if I don't find work soon.

Good news: I have time to devote to actually fixing my site and beefing up my portfolio.

If anyone needs help with projects and are in need of a freelancing:
UX/UI Designer, General web designer (html, css, less, sass), illustrator, graphic designer, general artist, etc

Please consider me. I need the experience and 'folio beef.

I'll be streaming my redesign work tonight, HOPEFULLY after the kids are asleep (prays). This should be about 9pm est. I'd appreciate it if folks would drop by to give live feedback. <3

Link to my YT is in my profile.

@drakenhart it seems to me that Red Hat is often seeking UI/UX people. I think they have to be in Raleigh :(.



@drakenhart Hi, I wish you something good coming out of this. It usually does.

In case you are interested, doesn't list any UX / frontend job opening, but from time to time they do appear.

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