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Drakenhart @drakenhart

Bad news: I got laid off. I could loose my house and car... and kids... if I don't find work soon.

Good news: I have time to devote to actually fixing my site and beefing up my portfolio.

If anyone needs help with projects and are in need of a freelancing:
UX/UI Designer, General web designer (html, css, less, sass), illustrator, graphic designer, general artist, etc

Please consider me. I need the experience and 'folio beef.

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I'll be streaming my redesign work tonight, HOPEFULLY after the kids are asleep (prays). This should be about 9pm est. I'd appreciate it if folks would drop by to give live feedback. <3

Link to my YT is in my profile.

@drakenhart it seems to me that Red Hat is often seeking UI/UX people. I think they have to be in Raleigh :(.




@drakenhart Hi, I wish you something good coming out of this. It usually does.

In case you are interested, wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/W doesn't list any UX / frontend job opening, but from time to time they do appear.