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I'm working on a redesign of my personal website, and need other eyes on it. It's easier to work on other people's stuff than my own as I get overly granular on details.

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Press pause on yourself.

Deep breath, “in”; exhale, “out”. Set thoughts aside.

Listen. Believe. Reflect.

Still not sure of this is the look and feel I wanted. The page cut off for both are just above/at the "about" section.

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Looking for and to develop projects in my - if you have anything you've come across that makes you want to rage quit, to anything that is just an annoyance, please screen-cap/link me? I'd love to take a crack at it, just to see what I can come up with.

But I'm also like Alice going down a rabbit hole after questions. I don't like bullies and will voice that openly if someone else is attacked. YET, I also play Devil's Advocate to get people to STOP yelling and START talking and listening.

I like being an advocate to things I'm passionate about. Like and usability, diversity and compassion to others.

But HOW do I make this into something I can market about myself? o.O

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I just don't really fit in... and I'm a starter versus a finisher. A dreamer that comes up with solutions and ideas who loves seeing other people see them to the end. I like seeing OTHER people succeed.

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But on the side of marketability... HOW am I different?

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So my Son Says.... 

"You want detachable boobs."

Which is true. No back pain issues and I could donate them to folks who need them more than I do. So what if I look like a guy?

This just emphasizes how "different" I am.

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So as I work on redesigning things, I come across a set of questions, like "what makes you different". I grok what they are saying. In terms of marketing, how of you stand out? Right? Right.

So, here's the thing. I just am. I've been an outcast, weirdo, misfit, non-conformist that will question EVERYTHING. I've questioned my faith, my life, my reality - everything.

So I ask my son... "What's different about me? What makes me stand out?" (See reply for answer)

I'll be streaming my redesign work tonight, HOPEFULLY after the kids are asleep (prays). This should be about 9pm est. I'd appreciate it if folks would drop by to give live feedback. <3

Link to my YT is in my profile.

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Bad news: I got laid off. I could loose my house and car... and kids... if I don't find work soon.

Good news: I have time to devote to actually fixing my site and beefing up my portfolio.

If anyone needs help with projects and are in need of a freelancing:
UX/UI Designer, General web designer (html, css, less, sass), illustrator, graphic designer, general artist, etc

Please consider me. I need the experience and 'folio beef.

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•Do early design work in small, invested groups
•Design in the open, but away from the bright lights of the big stage
•Iterate furiously early on because once it’s in the web, it’s forever
•Prioritise interop over perfect specs; #indieweb #microformats

I had a pipe burst on me, and my AC vents are on the floor. I was half awake when we managed to get the water shut off so I wasn't sure how much water got into the AC vent.

How do I get rid of the mold smell if I can't get to the water inside the vents?

hey all. With how often scams happen, especially to the older population, please be aware of the signs and learn how to protect yourself.

This is one example.

The other is when people call about taxes you owe, when you DON'T owe them. Or trying to call your about student loans from the government department. NEVER believe this. ALWAYS call the main entity. DON'T use the phone # THEY give you, find it online or in the phone book.

As cool as Spartans are (and yes I'm a fan) not many people realize to have that lifestyle they had slaves to tend the fields.

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