Went to the Pride Parade on the Aether Data Center (on Siren, specifically)
Here's a small thread of pictures!

been feeling super boomed this week

wasn't able to sit down and work properly without imagining i could still hear my dog behind me

so i am kind of forcing myself out of my rut a bit so i can hopefully bounce back to art faster

everyone's kind words have meant a lot to me this week q_q <3

btw, i'm changing Lacari's in-game looks (though without mods bc i am... laze. LMAO)
and I really like this look (I splurged on the demonic outfit just for the horns :lies_down: )

been trying to keep myself from doing nothing but sleep all day
have some doodles of my au ra

had such good roulettes today in aaa
Got a Dzamael Darkhold run with some v cute sprouts! The healer gained confidence half way through and we started doing bigger pulls!

Then my group in The Burn were all fun and silly and we talked about chinese food and gposed a lot.
We died to the dragon at the end but it was a lot of fun!

Even my Copied Factory run was really fun (All the dps were either bard or redmage. it was funny)


idk i'm so happy LMAO

i needed a break from stuff and I decided to draw my bff's character

bc i wuv and appreciate her

Me: "What can I draw to cover up ffxiv chat for the few times I do stream ffxiv"

Me: "wait! I got it!"

Was out taking pictures in ffxiv with some friends again
I had forgotton how good the locations around the Floating city of Nym were!

ahhh def coming back another time for more pictures

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