FFXIV/ SB, msq spoilers 

I feel like a basic bitch ™️ but i love this bard outfit from the bard quest so much Q__Q

minor (?) SB spoilers for ??

this is the new gender neutral term i'm going to use whenever i refer to my twin

had a wholesome encounter. was doing some quests, started heading for a location, realize that something in the oven (baked apples) were about to be done, go "fuck it" and begin to swim towards island

and then this v kind lovely bunny gives me a ride Q___Q

Feeling a bit meh
so I painted over the first ever doodle I properly did of my character!

The bard npc quests in really came after me by making me quest with big toll himbo and smoll angry didn't they

When i first met Guydelot I thought "oh no he's going to be annoying" but after the first few quests i was like "oh no, he's endearing 😭 "

Hey, since there are a lot of fans out here, might you consider checking out my friend's store?


She has some cute ffxiv buttons and a pre-order for a fat cat coin pouch, it's really cute ; u ;

She recently had to go to the ER for something, so i'm sure she'd appreciate some extra money

Why doesn't Alisae, the stronger twin, simply eat the weaker twin?

Oh yeah,
This happened last night:

Forcing my friend to help us clear palace of the dead floor 50 right before shutdown and hearing him scream right as 11pm hit "THAT WASN'T WORTH IT" was absolutely worth it

Okay i have a question

How do I manage so many abilities in FFXIV
i'm a bard and i'm barely level 57 (doing HW content right now) and I have more abilities than I have keys.
I have an MMO mouse (from my WoW days) and it has 8 programmable buttons on it
but I have more abilities than I have buttons on that mouse + my numbers on my keyboard

i'm not really sure how I keep track of that many abilities without macro-ing a lot of them

<__> but maybe i'm over thinking it

A doodle of my bard
i'm still slowly working my way out of ARR but i hope people have fun with Shadowbringers! :D


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