I really wish more artists would give masto a chance

Twitters new Thing is to start randomly making images in long threads unavailable (as if they're blocked. on desktop they vanish completely)

like i get it, adding a new platform to update can feel really daunting when you have other accounts to keep up with but

man twitter has just been worse and worse for sharing art

@dragonlaurita also the quality of art shared on here is honestly top heckin notch

@dragonlaurita people don't like change, even if it's for the better :<

In the past couple years I've seen so many people come here, go "wow, this is so much better than twitter!" and then disappear back to twitter after a week. But half the time they have crossposters set up so we get to see them complain about Twitter on their Mastodon account instead of just idk, being on Mastodon. Really disappointing tbh.

To a certain extent I get it, it's not easy for everyone to move to another site and sometimes the transition isn't very smooth. I get that.

But at the same time, if twitter isn't working, why not at least try another site a little more?
Doesn't hurt much, and if mastodon isn't the thing, then maybe poke around at other alternatives?

(tbf i feel like a hypocrite bc I still hang around on twitter /o\ )

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