Hello there! I'm Eugenia, I'm a digital artist from Argentina.
I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.
At the moment I do digital art only! I mostly draw characters! Currently available and looking for work 🌸

✉️ Contact: eugeniachavez.art@gmail.com
🔵 Portfolio: behance.net/eushi_art
✨ More info: eushi.carrd.co

being so used to not being able to fix the crop/preview i kinda didn't do it here lmaooooo welp lesson learned! :star_eyes:

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@dragonlaurita aaaaa muchas gracias!!! Estás acá hace mucho??

@eushi sii tengo casi dos años en este sito :tialove:

me encanta ✨

@dragonlaurita tenés alguna recomendación para alguien recién llegado como yo?:tialove:



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