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Hello i'm Laura!
I'm a latinx lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I love to paint and play video games! 🎨 🎮
I love dragons, and most fantasy settings and monsters!
You can find me on these websites! 🌐

It's that time of night where this song makes me bawl like a baby bc I think of the ending to that game

high-key wanna post my commission post right now but it's 1 am sjf;dsj


I’ve been posting some clay sketches over on my discord, join my Patreon at $2 and get access to my server, where you can view some works in progress, share and promote your own art, chat and get feedback!

Your support helps me with new projects!‬

getting ready to open commissions tonight
was gonna post it up earlier but i got side-tracked by a few other things and then dinner took too long bc i forgot to buy an important ingredient u.u
doing some streaming again!
working on the same dragon from before, hopefully I can finish it today uwu

Because of the defunding of
organizations and the lack of media coverage it’s hard to figure out what to do to help, but here’s what I’ve found out:

Sign the petition to Demand BlackRock stop financing Amazon destruction, they are a huge contributor to climate change

Sign with Brazil’s resistance and donate here:

Petition to stop the exploitation of the rainforest which you can sign:


The Amazon rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks, the fires are raging so strong that cities kilometers away have been darkened by the ashes.

The current Brazil president, Jaír Bolsonaro, is a climate change denier, he’s withdrawn a lot of the protections that were in place to protect the rainforest, there is no official media coverage.

Fires are being started deliberately to illegally deforest indigenous land, people have died in the fires already Pataxó woman says

I've been talking about Minako's new look for a while but the reason I haven't posted any screenshots is because I wanted everyone to see it first in this amazing artwork done by @moonyixiv!!

I’m Mona, I make glyphic monsters and reinterpretations of pop culture creatures!


It's not a perfect garden, I've had many setbacks (neglect due to depression) and those peppers and squash probably should be together.
One of my plants got fried by the 100f weather (but it regrew qwq)
But hey
The tomato is bearing fruit, I had cute tiny strawberries, the jalapeños are coming in, and the squash has two coming in as well!

The garden is flourishing!
Tho one of my marigold plants might be getting too much sun, I'll move it later.
The tomato plant is doing ok, next year I'm definitely getting a much bigger planter for the tomatoes

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