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Hello i'm Laura!
I'm a latinx lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I love to paint and play video games! 🎨 🎮
I love dragons, and most fantasy settings and monsters!
You can find me on these websites! 🌐

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Hey it's time!
I've opened commissions!
This time i'll be doing them through, but i'm still willing to go through the old paypal invoices route if you're not comfortable using it!

click through to view more info + slots!

Here is a finished a commission for @MmeLibertine !!
Their Byleth with Claude and Edelgard being cute together !!
This was super fun to do, thank you for being patient with me :tialove:

I almost went to the dark and red kind of artwork again, but I kinda kicked myself off my seat to avoid making that too soon xD

and as always, check it out here in my DA! <3

augh been very busy and tired lately bc i'm gonna be left in charge of some stuff while my mom is gone

glimpse is objectively a better name for an image editor than [other name here] but boomer linux boys wont change it because they love ableism

trying to be better abt boosting stuff here uwu

been kinda busy so there's been less time to browse local and look at my own tl

"Minorities In Game Development Still Don't Have The Support They Need"

sorry let me find my *Pretends to be Shocked* mask, one second.

I feel like a basic bitch ™️ but i love this bard outfit from the bard quest so much Q__Q

Dragon was an interesting one. I didn't want to draw them like I usually do so I searched for some inspiration on crocs. They are neat! There's much to learn from their maws, too, those are some huge chompers.

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