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Enough spreading around the same black pain videos over and over again, and enough making acab shitposts instead of actually doing something.

here are some places that could use some extra attention/funds

(Let me know if any other ones need attention or if there are any non-legit ones)
this one could always use some money

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Why doesn't Alisae, the stronger twin, simply eat the weaker twin?

fun fact about Avocado (the fel boar!) he's bugged the fuck out and everytime he was summed during raid via the stampede ability, he wouldn't appear scaled down (like most pets did) he appeared in all his fullsized glory and was big enough to cover most boss's hit boxes

the only reason he was stabled was bc my raid leader got mad at me bc we would wipe to fights bc melee couldn't see where they were in relation to the boss :C

illegal pets that make raid leader yell at you

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I found that i still have my login info stuff for WoW and i was able to look at my character stuff
please look at my pet names for my hunter's pets
they very clearly struck horror in my enemy's hearts

It's a "Having Maná on repeat" kind of day today

this is my friend, Venus! She's a black artist who specializes in character designs and wonderful colors!

Support her patreon if you're able to.

They're one of the sweetest people I know and could always use more support!

Also idr if this has been linked here before but

As you know, indigenous people and their allies out defending their own lands who have been arrested and could always use help with bail among other things.

Help a trans couple finally fulfill their dreams of living together!

Nick is such a sweet person! Help them out if you can!

cw: in link about attempted lynching

Help pay for this man's medical bills. More info in the link

also idk why i said "police and facists" when they're pretty much one and the same but

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very frustrating to see people being like "see, your peaceful protests won't change anything! You guys should just go wild and start rioting and destroying things!" when police and facists already are looking for MORE reasons to enact violence and kill more black people.
It's so easy for people to say that but those bigots are armed to the teeth and it's scary as fuck.

Nearly 40% of homes on Navajo reservations don't have running water or access to basic sanitation

Feeding America works with the Native American Heritage Association to provide healthy food to Sioux Reservation residents because poverty and lack of infrastructure or access to transportation makes grocery shopping impossible

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abuses of power, seattle, wapol 

The SPD and Pete Holmes, the city attorney, have been directing cops to arrest protestors and tack on felony charges so that they will have to go before a court to set bail. The timing has been arranged such that they can never do this on the same day, and must spend the night in prison. They then strike the charges before this can happen. All of this puts the lie to Mayor Durkan's claim that protestors aren't being charged.

horrific racism, lynching, the identities of the men who tried to murder 

These are the men.

The Monroe prosecutor has their names x but has refused to take them into custody.

Make this be a huge fuss. Make them care.

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