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Hello i'm Laura!
I'm a latinx lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I love to paint and play video games! 🎨 🎮
I love dragons, and most fantasy settings and monsters!
You can find me on these websites! 🌐

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Hey it's time!
I've opened commissions!
This time i'll be doing them through, but i'm still willing to go through the old paypal invoices route if you're not comfortable using it!

click through to view more info + slots!

god i'm so tired of this work week i can't wait until i get a day off so i can actually work on commissions propperly and stream

Any artists here use a portable tablet device for drawing (that isn't the ipad) ?

how does it run for you and what programs do you use on it?

EQO is gone, now theres only one himbo on philly fusion

Me looking at that EQO release tweet: :C

Also Me looking at that EQO release tweet: wow there are a lot of french Philly Fusion fans woah

deleting all my tweets and i managed to pull this OC out from the rubble before it was lost which is good 'cause i literally cannot find the .png anywhere lol

this is from one of those character creator thingies but if anyone wants to get paid to make art of her DM me i've been meaning to

#art #artofmastodon #shareyouroc

tbh i wouldn't hate on boston uprising so much if it wasn't for the fact that Huk fucking sucks.

Same with Dallas, but with Taimou.

🌟 Commissions Open! 🌟

I have some unexpected expenses this month so I'm opening up emergency ! See examples below (and more on my page)

- Bust for $25 / €23
- Full body for $35 / €32
- Payment through Paypal

DM me or send me an email at if you're interested!

Sharing helps too! 💙

Tbh i still miss tumblr a lot

I have a pillowfort acct but it doesn't quite feel the same, but maybe i'll give it another shot idk

Don't get me wrong, I love mastodon as a twitter alternative, but I still prefered the way tumblr was for art sharing

(Aside from other people being able to delete captions and then the way tags worked later on in tumblr's life. smh )

I really wish more artists would give masto a chance

Twitters new Thing is to start randomly making images in long threads unavailable (as if they're blocked. on desktop they vanish completely)

like i get it, adding a new platform to update can feel really daunting when you have other accounts to keep up with but

man twitter has just been worse and worse for sharing art

is back with more user slots, better performance but the same game files!

Anyone can join the SMP server, people who are interested in longer-term projects as well as casual players!

Read the rules (there have been some minor changes): (Leads to Google Docs)
And then reply in a DM with your username!

If you were a bender from the Avatar universe, what element would you be? :thinking_rotate:

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