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Hello i'm Laura!
I'm a latinx lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I love to paint and play video games! 🎨 🎮
I love dragons, and most fantasy settings and monsters!
You can find me on these websites! 🌐

Artist fatigue is a real thing so manage your time well!

My big tip is to design character silhouettes and use those to draft the stories you want to tell.

Add all the details and further flesh the characters out AFTER everything else is done being planned out. Don't spend eighteen hours drawing static wrinkles when you could be getting to the action instead!


like fuck idk, for now i just printed out a know your rights thing but everyone passes information to each other via fb and I fucking hate that site but i kind of regret deleting my account bc how the fuck else am i going to tell people what to watch out for i'm so frustrated

The amount of fals information and misinformation spread between people I know for the ICE raids is really infuriating and scary. Not even my mom knew.
She was even joking about ICE agents being at the local grocery store bc the idea sounded ridiculous to her and that scares me so fucking much.

I start freaking out and tell my brother to get out of the grass bc he has no shoes on.

he laughs at me and i proceed to double down on washing the planters.

anyways, the whole time i was driving back home with the now cleaned pots in my car, I was paranoid that I had spiders crawling on me


The end

He comes out barefoot to see if he can help me and then immediately goes
"uhhhh there's a black widow where you're holding the pot"

I look up, and see this black widow spider running up the pot to where my hand is.

I yell, drop the pot (it's plastic, it was ok) and then proceed to hose down the spider and crush it with my shoe, and then hose it down again.

And then I realize, all the spiders nests i was washing down were black widow nests.

I notice one of the pots has a spider nest on it, so my first thought was "oh, that should be easy to wash off"
(spiders don't bother me too much to be honest. I don't like squishing them because I don't like the idea of leaving a mess on the wall and stuff. The only exception are venomous spiders.)
I wash it off, and then move on to the next pot that is covered in spider web.

As hold it so I can properly hose it down, my brother comes out of the house.

So yesterday, I got to my parent's house to pick up some old planters because my mom wasn't really using them.
Two things first:
1.) They've been largely unused for about a year or two
2.) The area my parents live in is known for having Black widows there.

Now, being me, a fool, I'm picking some up and dumping out some of the old soil and washing them a bit bc they're caked in dirt and moss and stuff.

I have a story for you
it's called

Laura vs. Black Widow spider

Like, its nice to have a single column website that isn't taken up by following suggestions, trending hashtags, ads, and other people's likes.
I love it

Lil Nas X is literally doing every genre of music and no one can stop him

I'm opening up commissions for the summer - including Ice Cream portraits back at their normal price of $30! DM me to order or get a quote, or check out my commissions page at:
#queerartist #transartist #commissions #mastoart

i am begging someone to save nessa cause the amount of whitewashing ive seen of her is absolutely ridiculous #art #artwork #mastoart #mastodraw #illustration #creativetoots #fanart #pokemon

waking up after taking a short nap from today's festivities and YIKES
Boston got clapped

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