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Hello i'm Laura!
I'm a latinx lesbian 🏳️‍🌈
I love to paint and play video games! 🎨 🎮
I love dragons, and most fantasy settings and monsters!
You can find me on these websites! 🌐

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Why doesn't Alisae, the stronger twin, simply eat the weaker twin?

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Hey it's time!
I've opened commissions!
This time i'll be doing them through, but i'm still willing to go through the old paypal invoices route if you're not comfortable using it!

click through to view more info + slots!

"why don't you even draw your own characters consistently"

They just announced
Cygames will be developing a Nier game for mobile phones

so what i understand is

Nier gacha

bruh my TL (on twit, i mean) has exploded about the Nier remake(s?) holy shit

psyching myself up to watch that Chris Benoit episode of dark side of the ring with my twin

can't believe i stayed up all night to watch chinese overwatch teams but these matches are 🔥

Streaming for a bit!
Doodling, maybe commissions afterwards or a game :0

(depending on how long it takes for this wine to wear off. I won't work on commissions if i still feel drunk )

been decorating my apartment all day (in ffxiv i mean) i think it's time to continue making the pizzzaaa

I have PLD at 71 and i am excited, i've never had a tank at level cap in any MMo but now the pressure is on to actually be a good tank LMAO

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We Believe in Steven ✨
Después de más de 6 años, nos despedimos de Steven, Amatista, Perla y Garnet ⭐
Por todos los momentos felices, los difíciles, la música y el amor, gracias 💖

#stevenuniverse #cartoon #amatista #perla #garnet #ilustracion #believeinsteven #final

eye contact with drawn cat? 

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Right, I 've never posted my profile pic 👀

☀️ Amaterasu, the Shining Light ☀️
(from SMITE)

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