Advice from a Ghost

There are good moans
And there are bad moans
I have little else to say
Save this:

Good moaning to you
Good moaning, one and all

By Doodleslice



Agoraphobic heart
Waking in a wasteland
All this air
There’s too much air
Replace it with breath
Mingled breath
I crave a cramped capsule
No room for spacesuits
Where twining legs
Orbit and swirl
Cloak me in columns of steam
Blending and weaving
Blankets of chaos
Stirring in airy currents
A spectral gray blind
Loomed from ethereal coils
Each overlap
Each whorl
A delicate barricade
A fragile dancing denial
Coping above my coffee
Against the vastness of space

Hi there! My 1st post here. Here’s a recent digital art piece, Psychedelic Cracker Snacker. What should I know as a newbie to Mastodon?


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