bro i cant draw furries anymore i look like a celebrity guest on an episode of Arthur T^T

Help, I’m looking at used eurorack modules and I want to spend my life savings all of a sudden

@fluxom_alt I wish my dreams were anywhere NEAR as cool and funny as yours tbh


@fluxom_alt Fuck Yess!! I get a pet slime!!! ♡


@fluxom_alt Lo I gotta know what color your outfit was. I need to make the dream a reality


@fluxom_alt I get to be the red ranger POG! I would watch this in a heartbeat, I need to know what the giant nanite slime does

link to a h*rny song demo 

I did like 6 takes of this in my normal voice, but then I thought deep voice would be sexier and less effort

ec; selfie 

@astrid the food is pretty good too ♡ ;p

Going outside for the go first time today to get coffee and look hot

@fluxom_alt Lo, you could hit me up in a dark alleyway and I would still go home with you

I use mastodon dot art to showcase my artwork (15%) and vent about crushes and mental health (85%)

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