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repetitive meme song; sorry in advance 


There’s a horror movie in the Forgotten Realms about a green slime with beady eyes that consumes everything in its path. It’s called The Bloblin

I had a small green buddy who couldn’t get enough mutton and rice. His name was Kebablin

Oh, that greyish guy with several rows of teeth? That’s Robert, but he goes by Boblin

A short pointy-eared person stole all your stuff?? Aw no, you ran into a Roblin

A small, greenish character who is always sad? Sounds like a soblin

hrt, caps 

When an Eladrin makes a new mixtape,

Call that shit Faerie Fire 🧚‍♂️🔥

new federated ttrpg 

If I were a ttrpg class irl, I’d be a Bard...

Because I’m an inspiration ✨

Welcome to GPN, the Gamers Podcast Network! I’m 69Epic_Steez69 and we’re gonna talk about hot pockets and the competitive Animal Crossing circuit! (airhorn soundboard noise)

Don’t even talk to me until I’ve had my Gamer Fuel!! (a cup of peppermint tea and an apple)

What’s up gamers?? Don’t forget to brush your teeth! Epic!!!!

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