Printed these cards to give out at the local game shops! I just wanna draw peoples’ cool characters every day, it’s the best

what if...

I drew all of your D&D characters? 😏

haha, jk...

...unless? 😳

I am applying for art positions

who wants to pay me to draw their fursona full-time?
haha jk... 😏
...unless 😳

bad surgery joke 

Doing image descriptions as if I’m narrating an npc for my D&D group

food ment. 

I wake up on weekends like:
How can I be more soft and uwu today?

sex ment, “kids these days” post 

the gay experience™ 

“Are you about it or nah??” My close friend questions me
I can only shrug and make vague noncommittal noises in response

Sometime I dont know what I do?
Like, what I am I about?

alcohol + 

bug-like robot, Decembots 

family ment. 

half-joking beg 

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