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#arch linux is a bit of a meme, but in all seriousness: The maintainers have done amazing work to make it a good high performance system for audio work and with the AUR you can install any piece of software you need in basically no time.

I had to setup a laptop with a fresh Arch Linux install for audio work recently and gathered these notes for doing so if anyone's interested.

@treethought Great to see you also have an account here on Mastodon! Welcome back :).

The community still needs a bigger crowd in my opinion. As I said, I hope to hear more of your :

"...sheer enthusiasm indicates something about human beings that goes unrecognized in both capitalist and socialist societies that presume people have to be coerced into making efforts. Granted a certain amount of autonomy, certain permission to put some creativity into their work, and a certain amount of autonomy, a certain shared sense of community, people will do all kinds of stuff simply because it's engaging to do and can be shared."

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It feels silly saying this

I wish I knew where my community is

I know somewhat, and I enjoy those moments.

though not using central social is sorta flying blind because people don't not use it normally.

I'm starving for community.

⛱ MailTape 456 with Misha Panfilov

We begin our Sunday morning with a cosmic cowboy selection of tracks led by our dear guest Misha Panfilov.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Misha’s music engages in the evolving cross section between folk, funk, jazz, and psychedelic music, not without influences from Soviet-era electronic music.

👉 #music #playlist #folk #rock

Feeling a bit melancholic today, which seemed like the right mood to do a little recording of Someday my Prince will come. Enjoy if you like.

#jazz #guitar

watch out everyone i'm in that space of recording a ton of music, get ready for many many posts lol

After leaving Berlin and spending a couple of weeks with my family I arrived in my new home Taiwan where I had to undergo two weeks of self-isolation. I crammed most of my gear into my luggage so I could set up my little studio right away. What came into being is this three track EP:

@eishiya Thanks again for helping me to embed the Bandcamp webplayer ☺️

Hey community,

can anyone tell me if it's possible to embed the Bandcamp web player in a post here on Mastodon? I think I've seen it but not sure. I couldn't find any information about this.

Thank you!


Few days ago I read a comment from you favoring over and other solutions. I focus on music but interested in combining video as well. Therefore slowly getting my feet wet. Can you share a bit why Olive is your pick?

Thank you!

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