Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Every single listener is a huge encouragement for me. Even though I make music for myself it is still sending out energy into the world and great to see that it gets absorbed and transformed.

I hope I will take time soon to record new stuff. Unfortunately keeping myself busy with other things... :/


Hey Pedro,

I went through your bandcamp. Great stuff, lots of experimental elements 👍.

If you're interested in my music, check my artist account: dontoverthink.life

Hope to hear more from you soon!


To all out there...
Some time ago I've released licensed album.
It contains: one song written and producen all in , one song made with , one song created with and one
You can download and use it for free at distortiongain.bandcamp.com/al

@funkwhale I have been hosting my music on Bandcamp so far. Could I just pick a random Pod and host my stuff there or how do I get started? Does it even matter which Pod I pick?

Thank you!

My new video is here!
I'm testing a heap of open-source limiter plug-ins to see which one is the BEST!
#unfa #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre #Audio #MusicProduction

If you know of any FOSS EQ plug-ins, let me know!
I know of LSP, Calf, x42, Zam, SAFE, Luftikus, EQ10Q and ACE(Ardour's built-in).
Are there any other open-source EQ plug-ins with GUIs?
I am trying to compile a comprehensive list!
#Audio #LV2 #VST #VST3 #FOSS #OpenSource #Libre



Who or What am I?

Who or What are you?

Who or What are we?

I invite you to listen to this piece without having this question in mind, so you can be found by the answer. Maybe.



When I published this record back in March, I understood “leaving” as leaving Berlin, leaving Germany, ... – mostly leaving my comfort- / safety-zone.

Six months in I realize, that I was much more leaving an entire way of being. My transition is not a geographical or cultural one. By gradually unlearning, dissolving the fabricated limitations, detaching from mind, emotions & body, I am creating a playground of nothingness for the question:


@jwildeboer @unpopop let me quote you: "I will happily discuss also in public. But I am also open for private communication for people who don’t want to discuss in public."

@jwildeboer @unpopop ...mistrust against the industrial pharmaceutical complex is a valid point from an objective standpoint. Just let your arguments speak instead of shutting down. And I mean, wasn't it predictable that someone will confront you with things you disagree when coming to the table with such a hot topic?

@jwildeboer @unpopop why don't you just convince @unpopop instead of choking off the conversation? I've been patiently waiting for a debate ever since you made this announcement a week or so ago.

@jwildeboer if you don't mind, discuss publicly, so the crowd can read along. Staying in DMs would hide both side's arguments.

Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

@1nv3n7 lots of ideas but currently I have to focus on getting new income streams in place. also my environment is kinda messy so I do don't really have the frame to sit down to record & produce. I'm about to change that though.. new releases to come soon :)

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