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Hi community 👋

My name is E and I make music as . I was fed up living my manager life and being a slave to the system. I couldn't take it anymore, decided to quit, woke up the next morning and put my decision in action. That was the beginning of my "second life". I then decided to leave Berlin and move to Taiwan which is where I am right now :).

I usually don't expose myself but somehow this here feels right and like a good place..

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After leaving Berlin and spending a couple of weeks with my family I arrived in my new home Taiwan where I had to undergo two weeks of self-isolation. I crammed most of my gear into my luggage so I could set up my little studio right away. What came into being is this three track EP:

@eishiya Thanks again for helping me to embed the Bandcamp webplayer ☺️

could somebody explain what is it about many David Bowie songs that they sound so, almost dissonant, often the melodies he sings are distant from some fundamental. can anyone explain it from the harmonic theory point of view? is it the specific tonal mode that he's often using? or intervals?

Found out about this artist from someone's boost a couple of days ago and I think I might have to get the catalogue tonight. It's lovely chiptuney goodness.

Hi all, I put some of my music (experimental electronic) on bandcamp.

Shells and Slides is semi-decayed and piled up information that nests in new, algorithmically generated pulsating patterns. It’s hectic, sometimes howling, but mostly funky.

Made with #TidalCycles. Every track was created by manipulating just one audio sample.

I will link the code later.

:cc_cc: BY-NC-SA 3.0 (Creative Commons)

@dontoverthinklife @gavcloud

"Play services compatibility layer in active development and an early prototype has the basics working.
It will allow users to install Play services as a regular app in specific profiles without granting it any special privileges."
"It won't be part of the upcoming July security update release but there will likely be an initial experimental implementation ready for testing by the end of July."

An extremely deep invasion of privacy: Almost all German police agencies and secret services are now allowed to hack into computers and telephones #staatstrojaner

I joined Mastodon a few weeks ago and I wanted to let you all know that this is the first social media platform that's adding value to my life. It's bright, positive, not ego driven, personal, lots to learn and discover.

So a big thank you to everyone for contributing ✨

Re #Introduction
I moved to SoNoMu today.
My name is Varun and I am a sound/visual artist based in NRW Germany. I am originally trained as a sculptor and am currently a student of Sound in Scenography. I make techno influenced experimental electronic music and long field recordings of anthropophony. What I would really like to do is to make sound installations and one is in the pipeline.

This audio visual piece is made during the beginning of this year.

GSoC update from Audacity: the source separation effect is basicaly working, so you can take a mix of voices/instruments and separate it into per-voice tracks

#arch linux is a bit of a meme, but in all seriousness: The maintainers have done amazing work to make it a good high performance system for audio work and with the AUR you can install any piece of software you need in basically no time.

I had to setup a laptop with a fresh Arch Linux install for audio work recently and gathered these notes for doing so if anyone's interested.

@treethought Great to see you also have an account here on Mastodon! Welcome back :).

The community still needs a bigger crowd in my opinion. As I said, I hope to hear more of your :

"...sheer enthusiasm indicates something about human beings that goes unrecognized in both capitalist and socialist societies that presume people have to be coerced into making efforts. Granted a certain amount of autonomy, certain permission to put some creativity into their work, and a certain amount of autonomy, a certain shared sense of community, people will do all kinds of stuff simply because it's engaging to do and can be shared."

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