In other news, I've been sticking pretty well to using my

I ended up getting a dotted leuchtturm1917 (in red, of course), and some pretty pens as a Christmas gift from my sister. Hopefully I will actually do the things I keep making lists for... :)

@DoodlesAtRandom Ohhh the dotted Leuchtturm 1917 is the dream! I'd love to see how you bullet journal if you're comfortable sharing pics of course. I could never get into the bullet system myself, but I love looking at other people's bujos. XD

@dona Sure! I can probably snap a pic after work.

Mine is definitely more business and words than doodles. Some people make really fancy looking pages, but I think I'd be much less likely to use it if I made every page beautiful. (And even with dots I have issues drawing straight lines... haha)

@DoodlesAtRandom Yeah, fancy pages are fun to look at, but it's difficult to make time to create entire notebooks like that.


@DoodlesAtRandom Looks good! That's a great way to log videogame goals... it's giving me ideas. X'D

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Notebooks are always handy for video game notes. I've always had some notebook or another around for notes but now I can just use this.

@DoodlesAtRandom Truuueee! I take game notes every now and then but it's always in a different notebook, I swear. Might as well stick it in the journal!

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