@AesAthena I really forced myself to look at that black & white version and make some sense out of the values T_T Thank you! :artaww:

@dona I swear, learning about how value and color interact and make 3Dness and lead the eye around was such a major :boom: discovery for me! I guess they probably taught it in my art classes but it just never clicked until recently!

@AesAthena Yeeep! I am self-taught so I feel like the progress takes 200 years but hey... it's there and it's fun when it happens!

@dona Well, you're already pretty advanced, and the farther along the path you are, the less dramatic the improvements seem to the naked eye. Like, upgrading from stick mannequin to fleshed out gesture drawing is a dramatic, obvious upgrade...Nailing values that lead the eye around when you already have the basics in you doesn't stick out as much on first glance.
Before Big Kid School I was 100% self taught...and post Big Kid School I feel like most of what I learn came from online/self teaching

@AesAthena Yeah, that's very true. Tho I often feel "late" with a lot of these things because I feel I should have learned them earlier, or if I had had more formal art education (I had a little bitt, but it was kinda random and unstructured).

Art is such a constant learning process and yep, gotta keep learning once you're out of school. It's the rewarding part of it, but can be immensely frustrating too.

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