✨🔮The October Witch🔮✨

Found some time to revisit a painting from 2017 and give it a much-needed overhaul. The witch of October rises to read cool books to her baby raven once again!

And version comparison... the old one (left) is from 2017, the new one (right) is from 2021.

I've always liked this painting, but it had too many problems and I definitely didn't use any references for the raven... I've fixed most of the issues, now.

Opening up the old paintings is amusing because there's a difference in technique at full size. Something I don't really think about.

Anyway, I hope you like them! Feedback is always appreciated ♥

I should add that the original was heavily inspired by "The Autumn Court" by luciensfox on Tumblr - I really liked her styling!

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