Announcement time:

I have an art website now! 🥳✨

Feels good to have the portfolio and commissions info and lots of little things all in one place! Hint - look for hidden spaces...

(Boosts & feedback much appreciated!)

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@dona Heyy, that's wonderful! Congratulations to the start of something new!

@dona hey dona, this is beautiful! I adore the colour scheme and design (and it looks beautiful on mobile as well!) and I think your home page/gallery is pretty perfect in terms of showing your work and laying out all the links.

Very easy to find commission info as well.

And also, just really nice to have a look at lots of your very beautiful work all in one place. ^_^

@vicorva Thank you so much!! I'm happy that it works on mobile, I'm new to coding for mobile so as long as it works...!

I hope to put the full archive of my work on there next. Portfolios are a bit meh to me because I always feel like a lot of context is missing. Time to be reckless :P

@dona it's genuinely really gorgeous and I think the 'secrets' are a fun touch!

Best artist gallery site I've seen actually because it both loads quicky, is easy to navigate, and has lots of character. Can see how much thought and work has gone into it.

@vicorva That's seriously the best compliment and everything I hoped to do with the website! 😭

I'm glad people are enjoying the silly 'secrets'. I want to have a bigger, 'hidden' website/archive eventually, but all in time!

Awesome website! It's comfy like websites used to be.

I haven't tried it with JS enabled, but it works great without.

@smpl Thank you!!

Ohh that's great to hear! I haven't thought of testing it without JS, but honestly there's only a few instances of it that aren't super significant :)

@dona oh-em-DUB your legacy site is a blast from the pa-hast!!!! XDD

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