Oeh my back pain has been pretty bad lately so I've been kind of just doodling and then running of to bed when it gets worse.

But! I'm slooooowly working on
in October kinda challenge. Here are the first 4!

(I'm also throwing early previews on my kofi, but ofc supporting me there isn't necessary ko-fi.com/donavajgand)

Testing out old and new ideas and just painting stuff I've been wanting to paint for a LONG time (literal decades for some) but never made the time to! 💗


Huevember in October 04-08!

Dipping into some figure work, trying to pay attention to values. This is a very nice way to try out the brushes and effects before committing to a larger painting with them.
It's hard not to fix everything in these, but I'm learning a lot about not doing only a half-hearted sketch, but really digging into it, and hopefully doing multiple iterations in the future.

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