I will sketch a headshot of YOUR CHARACTER! Fan characters, OCs, existing characters... & I will record a painting VIDEO.

- Follow @dona
- Boost to enter
- Winners will be selected on April 08, 2019. using @zatnosk's Reblogged By tool - and
- If you do not wish to enter, but want to help: you can let me know if drawn and I will select a new winner

- For an additional entry, you can enter on the birdsite -
- You can enter on both sites, but only win once
- No bots or giveaway-only accounts allowed (we probably don't have many on here but just in case :P)

Good luck!! 🍀
& once again many thanks to everyone who helped figure out how to draw the winners, that was quite the ride.

To explain the winner selecting process better, I am taking a page out of @cloud 's giveaway book:
and pull the list using the website tool, then randomize it on, assign each name a random number, and then pull a random number from the default tool. That sounds like the most fair way to do it!

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