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Announcement time:

I have an art website now! πŸ₯³βœ¨

Feels good to have the portfolio and commissions info and lots of little things all in one place! Hint - look for hidden spaces...

(Boosts & feedback much appreciated!)

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✨You can now SUPPORT ME MONTHLY on Ko-Fi! ✨

You get:
- Contribute to the "living painting" and help me liven it up!
- Early access to paintings, WIPs, tutorials, blog posts
- Exclusive art raffles
- & more coming soon!

Thank you! Boosts are highly appreciated! πŸ’—

Do you love video games?

There are just ⏰ 18 hours left ⏰ to get the Indie Bundle for Palestinian Aid.

You get 1000+ games, books, and other works for just $5, and all profits go to the UNRWA.

I just wanna give a big shoutout to @zatnosk and @julloyart who advised me when I was starting this whole website thing - it means a lot! β™₯

It may sound silly, but it really does feel like I found a missing piece of something, and makes me feel so much better about being on the internet and trying to exist and be creative in this space :tialove:

Announcement time:

I have an art website now! πŸ₯³βœ¨

Feels good to have the portfolio and commissions info and lots of little things all in one place! Hint - look for hidden spaces...

(Boosts & feedback much appreciated!)

May 2021 post is up!

A bunch of sketches, and a super secret preview of something I'm working on o,o

Thank you for your support!

Ahhh gonna get my second dose of the vaccine on Thursday morning! Hypeee

The May 2019 blog is public now!

The time of animated stickers, mermay sketches, and the last METsona challenge I participated in. :)

If you want to support this kind of content you can do so on Ko-Fi, it's always highly appreciated! πŸ’›πŸ

This year's blog coming tomorrow + something a bit bigger HOPEFULLY by the end of the week πŸ‘€ I'm very excited about it...! (ok, ok, peeps on Mastodon should know what I'm talking about lol. WORKING HARD!!!)

🌿 April 2021 Wrap-Up 🌿
[Monthly & One-Off Supporters]

New entry for April! An in-depth look at the process of painting Wraithe, and some of my favourite pages from Sketchbook #27 that I just filled up.

As usual, support is super appreciated β™₯ I do these entries on a monthly basis, and unlock them after 2 years, with many random entries being public from the get-go. 3€ gives you access to everything for 30 days and I can drink an extra coffee! *o*

+ a bonus 100% close-up because I paint BIG and want you to be able to see it :D

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🌿 Wraithe - Commission 🌿

Commission of a sylvari necromancer summoning his minions. πŸ’€

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop + Corel Painter

This month's entry is on its way, so let me tide you over with some time-travel back to April 2019!

Remembering Mixer, designing a tattoo, painting Easter eggs as budgies! Lots of WIPs and art process.

It's FREE/Public! πŸ’—

Been playing around with the Cocoiro brush pens, they work well with water for that sweet watercolour effect!

I cannot upload any artwork (nothing happens when I select it from my phone), so I'm giving it a break. I did report the issue on Discord. You can still add me and I'll add back, but it might take a bit because I doubt anything will change until they patch it.

(RIP @ just using my first name, it was taken already -_-)

Masto exclusive lol:

I made a birdie in Tiltbrush!

My partner owns a VR headset so I'm making use of it while I'm staying with him...

Sad that they'll be closing Poly because these models do not export with correct effects, so uploading anywhere else isn't an option. Enjoy while you can :)

✨ Art in 2020 ✨
I painted a lot this year and managed to finish at least one big peach each month. I'm pretty proud of that! Here's one artwork for each month of the year.

✨2020: A Year in Review✨
Annnd a new blog post, looking back on the past year. It's been quite something! (It's public, as is tradition, so take a peek if you want to :B)

Thank you all for following me on this journey, I hope you have a wonderful and creative New year!

Cyberpunk-inspired art commission for ChaosMole - the Mole gang living it up in the neon-lit city! Can you find all the little references scattered around? :)

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop

A birthday commission of a Guild Wars 2 Ranger with her loyal dog <3

Wacom Intuos 4 M + Photoshop


I finally found the Halloween cookie mix I'd been looking for! PMSing and feeling sad tonight, soooo I baked them.

They're pure sugar, but they taste good! Now I'm bonucing off the walls, haha. I think they'll go well with coffee.

Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

The Halloween Girl came back from 2005 to haunt you! Hmm, but where is her friend...?

(a bit belated - I'm still away from my pc... & also my apologies if the mobile app eats the captions! I hope you enjoy the spooks nonetheless :))

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