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Sketch portraits from a few months back, slightly cleaned up and put on their own background. The blonde guy and the redhead girl are really old OCs that I don't do much with, but they're still dear to me.

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Hiii, it's finally done! I wrote a tutorial on how I go about creating emotes and other types of small art, including some things to think about, tips and tricks, and a "cheat sheet" for Discord, Twitch, and Mixer emote sizes and chat colours.

I hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any feedback, I'd love to improve this tutorial if I can!

BONUS: Download link for the layered .PSD and .PNGs you can use however you like. Just no commercial use, please!

I didn't eat the cake at the previous wedding I'd been at, so I feel entitled to at least TWO pieces tbh

Tomorrow I travel to attend my boyfriend's sister's wedding, it will probably be nice to focus on that and not, uh, the other pressing issues. I've been feeling so extremely tired and exhausted. Just stuff my face with cake, please.

Protect your schedule, including the empty time.

Holy fuck the new Guild Wars 2 episode is AMAZING. They've outdone themselves - lots of creative encounters, lots of throwbacks, it's just really really good. It straight up becomes Metal Gear Solid 1 at one point.

(Even though I ran into a bug near the very end, so I cannot complete the story tonight, but they're fixing it.)

And apparently it's Jessica Price's brainchild, which only adds weight to the firings. l:

Ah, I caved and went to get the Pentel brushpen from the only store probably in the entire country that has it, and of course they had none :'(

I'll see if they got some before I leave on Thursday, since the shop is close to the bus station. I think I'd be more motivated for Inktober if I had a new tool to play with. :'D

Starting another gift watercolor, this time of a butterfly fairy. Didn't plan on those paint splotches on the sides, but I guess I'll just roll with it.

[pixelfed link:]

RT I made this during a mentorship to demonstrate how limited color palettes can influence and drive alternative solutions for lighting and shadow. Maybe it will help you, too!


The worst part of my neighbour cooking things that smell absolutely delicious every damn evening is that I crave it, but I can't figure out *what* they're cooking, so I cannot plan it for the next day. Absolutely devastating!

โœจSoldier for @VGAStrafe โœจ

Something slightly different from me, but damn it was fun to paint!

I went to see an apartment today and tl;dr I accepted it. The rent will stay the same, which is pretty much why I said yes. Missing the washing machine and oven, but we'll get that somehow. It has two rooms upstairs so I'm happy about that. I've never had more than one room ;~; It's a bit out of town tho, but I'll have to manage.

God, crunch culture can go die in a fucking fire and never come back.

I finished my DIY sketchbook and discovered a particular kind of charcoal that I actually like. So hereโ€™s some studies I did with it and white chalk. Now if only I could get my hands on some actual white charcoal...

Pokemon Go is acting normal now that I've cleaned the cache (thank you for the advice once more, @julloyart!) and I got a shiny Eevee! :O

I just read that you can get soft banned on Pokemon Go and it causes your pokemon to flee a lot. Mine have been doing that and I think it's because of my apartment wifi that makes my character walk around the surrounding area for a little bit.
I'm kinda pissed about that? It's not like I can fix it and I don't leave the game open for long unless I'm out anyway... :/

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Black and gold ink and Prismacolor Premier pencils on brown A3 size card.

For Sale! $150 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Yell if you want it.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

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