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Third (out of planned six) fan remakes of classic, 1st edition book covers of Witcher saga, from SuperNOWA publishing house.

@doktorno If your main income source is commissions from private individuals a steady social media presence is important. But itโ€™s important not to conflate yourself as a person with the persona you created - once you tie those two together, every post that underperforms will scratch your sense of self-worth, youโ€™re handing the keys to your happiness to Zuckerberg

You can still post on a regular basis, but it can be on your schedule, not the platformsโ€™.

Krita 4.4.2 released! Over 300 changes, many bugs fixed, new features (mesh gradients, mesh transform, gradient fill layer and new gradient editor, improved halftone filter and more).

We're proud to release version Inkscape 1.0.2 for your drawing, crafting and maker needs - a "Bug Fix" release to 1.0 and 1.0.1 releases.

Bug fixes range from Eraser Tool repair to better macOS packaging & more!

Read more & download here:

'I think art only exists if the artist is alone, if the creator is completely cut off from the world. That's why cinema isn't an art. Art is when you're alone in your room at 3:00 a.m., writing a scene. Yes, that might be called art.'
Jean-Pierre Melville, French director

Blast from past: over 2 years ago i did Juri Han from , and it took me sever hours to nail the line art. And it is still looking underdeveloped. Maybe I had progressed, or not?

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2h art test (Annapuma)

I did to check how I can manage making drawing in such short time.

Probably its the last artwork I submit this year, hence speech balloon :)

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