New update in my comic! It's quite a few pages long.
⭐ You can read on my website
⭐ Or subscribe and read on Tapas

I would really love some new subs and comments.

Update! Ahh, the animations in this one are so nice :>

New pages ->

New readers start here ->

You can also subscribe to and read my comic on Tapas ->

set up a few animated things for new pages today, will be finishing tomorrow.

dreamdb? ah, yes, the anime that one day will forget how to be a webcomic.

woop, another episode. soon this webtoon will catch up with the main series.
who'd've thought that making a webtoon out of an animated webcomic can be fun? :3

there's another update and it's... sweary. 😅
also absolutely nobody ever asked for that footnote, but it's there now.

updated again.
I'm really enjoying my own comic remake for webtoons format, I didn't expect this, lol.
I need readers!

just started posting my comic on Webtoons :3
I'm re-adaptating my animated original. I'd appreciate new subs ☺️
⭐ Webtoon version:
⭐ Original:
⭐ Tapas version with gifs:

It's been 5 years since I started publishing my comic online, so I made an anniversary special!

It's a story about how I started making this story which is like Homestuck but not about Homestuck, and is full of stories about other stuff. We're reaching galaxy brain levels of meta here :0

There's lots of art, bits of script from future updates, and my rambles.


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