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i'm opening commissions!
i've got medical bills to pay and i need to buy a new phone, so i'll take any request (except for things i can't draw) with no limit on slots and no end date.
pls share!

you can find the same post with animation examples attached here:

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Hi everyone. I'm AJ.

My comic is my main focus right now (but sometimes I take a break to draw fanart). It's very much a work in progress, a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Witches and timetravel!
You can read it here:

I also have Patreon where I post new pages and behind the scenes stuff about the comic:

Here, take a look at my OCs 😊
I kind of have a thing for wings, horns and halos.

pics 8-10

8️⃣ just wives picking some apples. one is a witch and the other is a.. dragon.

9️⃣ "D: Wh.. What are you doing?!
Trav: braiding your hair.
Trav: to make you look less like an 𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘭 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬."

🔟 look at this clown. and i don't mean the one with the makeup, i mean the one who keeps asking me to "draw us 𝘧𝘷𝘤𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨" and i KEEP TELLING HIM NO.

buy me a coffee, i'll draw you a picture, or idk just support me ->

i fixed my ink pen. mmmy god it's so cool to draw with it, i completely forgot. i haven't been using it for years.
brb ruining this while trying to add some mild shadows with a brush xD

Just our local Necromancer. 3/31

I've finally found a brush thin and firm enough so it doesn't split, it's so satisfying to do the tiny lines now ^^

i decided to do after all.
not going to follow any prompts though, just drawing my OCs.
1/31 Tyler
2/31 Mx. Moon

comic update # 0190!

this picnic in Hell is never ending but we're leaving it after this scene.

i'm really close to 100 subs on Tapas, so pls read and follow there if you can 💛

look at this page. it won't be in the announcement tweet for my comic update but i like it so muuuch, i think it deserves being looked at.

hey frends, drawing stream! going to do a bit of animation for my webcomic today.
i will be live on..uh.. all of these:

tfw you have a mighty power nap instead of having a drawing stream

Minecraft stream! I got a new mic and a cooling thingy for my laptop which works like magic, excited to test it out.

btw I'm only 2 subscribers away from 100 on Tapas. give me that milestone >ω<

I was super sick for two days, so I scribbled my favourite emotional support tiefling man again.

comic update! WHAT? ANOTHER ONE? yes. since the previous update was actually made in August, this is the real first September update.

i've had a massive art block and too much irl stuff to do the entire August so it ended up becoming a no-update month.
the problem already seems to be fixed in september, can't wait to draw more :star_eyes:

read and subscribe to the comic ->

become my patron and help me make more of this comic ->

come watch me play minecraft and draw the comic sometimes->

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