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Hi everyone. I'm AJ.

My comic is my main focus right now (but sometimes I take a break to draw fanart). It's very much a work in progress, a mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Witches and timetravel!
You can read it here:

I also have Patreon where I post new pages and behind the scenes stuff about the comic:

Here, take a look at my OCs 😊
I kind of have a thing for wings, horns and halos.

here, have this anime succubus
vs SHE 😄

At first I was like: let's draw some of the dumbest anime shit for a warm up.
And then I thought why not draw a normal looking version of this lady too..
And omg I love her?? She's such a badass (ง♡_♡)ง

8:30 am. i am drawing a comic about going to sleep instead of sleeping.

Update! Ahh, the animations in this one are so nice :>

New pages ->

New readers start here ->

You can also subscribe to and read my comic on Tapas ->

set up a few animated things for new pages today, will be finishing tomorrow.

dreamdb? ah, yes, the anime that one day will forget how to be a webcomic.

woop, another episode. soon this webtoon will catch up with the main series.
who'd've thought that making a webtoon out of an animated webcomic can be fun? :3

sleepy doodle
tfw you rescue your own clone, but he's a big dumbass baby. which one of them? both.

I wrote a post about how I use SketchUp and Clip Studio Paint rulers for 3D scenes and backgrounds in my comics. Sometimes I write about how I use different software for different art purposes, so give me a follow on Patreon if you want to read such posts for free.

Read my story!

I have a comic that's based on Doctor Who and specifically 12th Doctor, it's extremely dumb and full of memes. Just updated.

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It's not like I was doing this on purpose, I was trying to position the model and suddenly the movement went along with the music. Three minutes later I'm ugly cackling like an idiot and recording a video.

every other artist: *extremely useful Clip Studio Paint tutorials, insights and tips, gets retweeted by CSP twitter*

me: hey guys look, booty dance 😏

there's another update and it's... sweary. 😅
also absolutely nobody ever asked for that footnote, but it's there now.

this picture makes me so happy, i can't 😭

there’s this picture, and there’s /the other picture/. thinking about making a new tier in my patreon for all the hot steamy kissing and loving stuff that i draw but can’t post on public timelines because i would absolutely /die/. but then again, is it even worth it in this economy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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so deep in this art block that at this point anything goes

like, here's a live2d tutorial. but 1/2 of it is in japanese (and most of it on pictures, so you can't copy-paste text into google translate), and the other 1/2 is badly translated english. also, it's dated. also, some of the features work only in the pro version. if you want to look at model examples, download these! but they're all in japanese.

good thing i'm learning the language and this is immediately 40% less confusing.

anyway, gotta wait for steam summer sale to get facerig too.

trying to learn live2d and facerig because i want my own avatar for streams, and omg people didn't lie about tutorials being confusing af :lies_down:

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