Catwoman portrait, somewhere between her classic 50s costume, and her 1966 TV persona.

One more for 'Gut Feeling', a horror/satirical twine game where you play as lots of characters (and the aliens living inside them).

A 1st screenshot for ‘GUT FEELING’
a horror/satirical twine game I’m working on with the super talented @grimoirtua !

Blender First Timer here!
Look at that vaguely menacing snowperson!

🔹 E X H I B I T I O N I S M 🔹
is now in 🇬🇧 english & 🇫🇷 french!
(and maybe in 🇪🇸 spanish, soon)

My last bitsy game is out:
🔹 E X H I B I T I O N I S M🔹

🌃 1 room
👥 25 characters
🐱 1 cat
🎨 A pinch of Art History
🥳 A fair amount of trolling
❤️ 100% Safe for Work
⏲️ Under 5 min.

@jaycie Actually I do❤️ ! it's pretty barebones right now, but if you'd like to contribute, here it is:

@vivi It is! It's Bitsy HD! Works like Bitsy, only with tiles 16x16 instead of 8x8:

I keep filling tiny tiles with even tinier tiles.
Is it some kind of... tile dysfunction?

Tried something with overlayed ASCII images.

It's a pun between 'bodysnatchers' and 'belly scratchers'.

Naturally, it's about corruption and belly bursting aliens.

🎨 Working on assets for a selfcare dress-up game and learning the virtues of de-saturating colours...

😢 I hope my reckless use of pink didn't give anyone pink eye...


Hi! It's made using Bitsy HD which enlarges the tiles to 16X16 pixels. Otherwise it is the same old bitsy❤️ :

I just put out a chatty preview for Last Arc of the Raiders, my tiny adventure !

It's browser playable, right there:

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