Catwoman portrait, somewhere between her classic 50s costume, and her 1966 TV persona.

One more for 'Gut Feeling', a horror/satirical twine game where you play as lots of characters (and the aliens living inside them).

A 1st screenshot for ‘GUT FEELING’
a horror/satirical twine game I’m working on with the super talented @grimoirtua !

Blender First Timer here!
Look at that vaguely menacing snowperson!

🔹 E X H I B I T I O N I S M 🔹
is now in 🇬🇧 english & 🇫🇷 french!
(and maybe in 🇪🇸 spanish, soon)

My last bitsy game is out:
🔹 E X H I B I T I O N I S M🔹

🌃 1 room
👥 25 characters
🐱 1 cat
🎨 A pinch of Art History
🥳 A fair amount of trolling
❤️ 100% Safe for Work
⏲️ Under 5 min.

I keep filling tiny tiles with even tinier tiles.
Is it some kind of... tile dysfunction?

Tried something with overlayed ASCII images.

It's a pun between 'bodysnatchers' and 'belly scratchers'.

Naturally, it's about corruption and belly bursting aliens.

🎨 Working on assets for a selfcare dress-up game and learning the virtues of de-saturating colours...

😢 I hope my reckless use of pink didn't give anyone pink eye...

I just put out a chatty preview for Last Arc of the Raiders, my tiny adventure !

It's browser playable, right there:

My game pitch was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Life Love Game Design Challenge, an annual challenge to prevent Teen Dating Violence.
It's really thrilling but also a bit daunting to be honest!

Hi! I made a making of gif for my tiny adventure game:


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