Dreamy 🌥😌

Made with gauge brush pack by Max Ulichney. The texture of the brushes are really good. I am experimenting with them right now.

I usually get confused while doing colours. But this time I kept the colour theory lessons in my mind and used complimentary colours for the dress and hair 😂

Created my first self portrait. Have been trying it for months. This was my 5th attempt. And the colours came out really better than my expectations. Overall I’m very happy with it 😄

Created using Procreate on iPad.

Was feeling very lazy. So watched a live stream of Loish and followed along. It turned out better than my expectations 😇

Painted a portrait after a long time. I am sort of happy with the results.
I think I have messed up her forehead and lips a little bit. If anyone can tell what I can do to improve them.

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This guy's animations are worth long blog posts of complimentary. The same author of (OO). Definitely one of my favourite animator of all time.

So wanted to draw for this year 😁
This one is so fun that I end up making multiple drawings every year 😅

Hello fellas. I am planning to do challenge this year. It’d be great if you can suggest any of your favourite characters. I’ll try to draw them in my way 😄

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Some animalistic vibes between all the landscapes. Again playing with contrast of saturation, it’s very satisfying to pull back most of a painting and then create small islands of really intense colour. Painted in .

My version of Kiki’s delivery service I created last year 😸

She’s one of the most inspiring characters from Studio Ghibili movies.

It's been more than two years and 400 artworks posted on Instagram, while I was sharing my journey. Today, it gets an upgrade. Goodbye :instagram:
Hello :mastodon:

Hello everyone 👋 . Happy to join mastodon.art instance. Here's a little introduction about my self as a doodle. I created this in a "Doodle drawing call" that I organised this weekend with my friends 😄 .


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