Recently I've started a blog. "The 8-Bit Zine" is all about vintage computers, , and of old times.
My latest post is about five, really amazing , four of them are relatively unknown tittles (hidden gems, you may say).
Check out if you are looking some small, titles to kill your time with!




Who or What am I?

Who or What are you?

Who or What are we?

I invite you to listen to this piece without having this question in mind, so you can be found by the answer. Maybe.


When I published this record back in March, I understood “leaving” as leaving Berlin, leaving Germany, ... – mostly leaving my comfort- / safety-zone.

Six months in I realize, that I was much more leaving an entire way of being. My transition is not a geographical or cultural one. By gradually unlearning, dissolving the fabricated limitations, detaching from mind, emotions & body, I am creating a playground of nothingness for the question:


To all out there...
Some time ago I've released licensed album.
It contains: one song written and producen all in , one song made with , one song created with and one
You can download and use it for free at

If, like me, you like creating stories and have a low attention span, you might like my buggy little experiment Pixcoop: a low-res point and click adventure reader and editor.

I kinda love it, but it's my kid ❤️

#pointandclick #pixcoop #game #dev

Good moment for an

I'm Distortiongain - musician and graphic designer.
I enjoy and
Always open for cooperation!


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