Hi there,

My name is Dillon Fields. I am just starting out as a comic book writer, working with a good friend of mine, Jonathan Howard (jhowardpaintings on Instagram).

I will be posting art and updates from the projects I am working on here.

Stay tuned.

@ThatTupperKid Thanks for the warm welcome. Are there a lot of comics types on here, or it mainly digital artists?

@dillonfieldswrites There's a healthy few here on, and there's a few comics-focused instances out there too like and (which I run)

@ThatTupperKid Thanks for the response. I'm new to this whole Fediverse thing. How would I able to reach and interact with the people on and Would I need to create another account over there?

@dillonfieldswrites no need to make another account, that's the great thing about the fediverse!
You can follow the lead moderator accounts
@CampCounselor and
@Mayor , and you can just use the urls in the search to find other accounts to follow!

Hashtags like and are other great ways to make comics friends. The hashtags spread across the fediverse, so it's not just your own instance

@ThatTupperKid @dillonfieldswrites Hello! I'm the admin of ComicsCamp.Club (actually, I'm the same person as @Curator! I run both instances. 😊). Another good hashtag is #MakingComics; we've been trying to popularize that one for people to talk shop about comic making. :)

@CampCounselor Thanks, I made sure to follow. I having been using on Twitter so I will continue that here.

@ThatTupperKid Thanks for the helpful info. It is greatly appreciated. I will say this is by far the friendliest social media site I have been on. Most are cesspools to one degree or another.

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