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I drew robots. Because sometimes I just draw robots =D. I always have fun doing it

If you have a pro account, you can get embedded iframe videos to behave as responsive by using this simple html & css method.

Worked a treat! 👍 @write_as

@matt @write_as Also, does writeas enjoy working with iframes? How could I embed a video from say youtube or vimeo, instead of having an image link?

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@matt @write_as Hello! Any idea what's happening here? Posting a link to my Mastodon profile and the excerpt awkwardly includes the HTML for the image in the post. However when Read.writeas posts a link to same post, the HTML is ignored.. ?? Had this happen a few times.

Hello everyone :D I'm Ursula Dorada, I'm a freelancer illustrator and I am quickly falling in love with Mastodon!
Have this month quick art piece <3

@matt @write_as

3. If I find the need to change the URL slug on a post, the website updates itself, but the federated toot and Twitter tweet are broken, and there is no way to fix this. (Not sure how this would actually be fixable??)

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@matt @write_as

2.I've set my blog to federate, and got it listed via Mastodon. However when it auto posts a toot as I publish an entry, the link is always just for the parent web address & not the actual post URL. Can this be changed to be the specific post URL? Furthermore, I've set my blog as, but the federated autopost is gyoza. (Not such an issue)

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@matt @write_as Hi Matt! Couple of things I've found recently when using

1. Images I use as post headers, some do not show up on the website (instead there is a broken jpg), but they do show as thumbnails on linked toots and tweets on the Mastodon & Twitter profiles. Images are hosted via imgcave, and set to public.

I was commissioned to draw Hornet from by TeamCherryGames after the announcement of Silksong. Hollow Knight is one of my favorite games and I had great pleasure working on this!!!

I just released February’s reward for $5+ patrons: a set of 3 hand-drawn maps for and other !

Want to get cool maps and other gaming goodies every month? Join me on patreon!

Of the three apps, Artflow and Autodesk Sketchbook felt leagues ahead of Photoshop Sketch. Sketch is just too limited in my opinion. Artflow was genuinely a joy to draw with.

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I recently picked up Portrait Drawing by Joanna Henly. A concise series of exercises and tips on how to draw people's faces and features. The first set of exercises are to study and practice sketching the skull. Here are a few of my studies.

Each Study 1-3 were drawn using a different app. 1 is with Autodesk Sketchbook. 2 is with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. 3 is with Artflow.

There is something quite cathartic about submitting expired URLs of your freshly deleted social accounts to Google's removal tool, and being fully rid of those dead links. Insta, Pinterest, Behance.. gone.


Use reference.

There's 3 types: 1) Inspo - other (concept) , styles you like etc. 2) Direct Reference - real world objects similar to what you're designing 3) Indirect Reference - unrelated, but has aspects you want to integrate.

Here's my reference sheet. For 3) I chose an armadillo/pangolin combo for the back shape.

From my thumbnail I do a rough sketch, starting to figure out perspective. Next: grid and using ref

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