So what was everyone's best (or worst) 2020 lockdown impulse purchase? I'd have to go with either the "Oodie" giant oversized hoody or the folding bike I've used a total of 3 times...

So I may or may not have spent the best part of today trying to install Morrowind Rebirth and a host of other graphics mods, only to give up trying to fix the conflicts and go back to the (outdated) MGSO 3.0. Which works FLAWLESSLY. Don't @ me.

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My girlfriend animated her 2021 mood and honestly? Same.

New Year's Resolution no. 1 - Actually use the gimmicky tech shit I get hyped over, rather than stow away in a drawer after 2 weeks.

*Looks over at dusty Moleskine Smart Writing Set*

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Now that we live in covid times I can’t believe we used to have to go to work with a cold and it would be normal to just infect everyone with your cold

@TapiocaPearl How do you find the experience, and can we encourage friends and family to follow suit?

Deep at the bottom of the ocean is the only place I find peace. Isolated and protected from the madness of the world above, the weight of the seas envelop me like a soft, heavy blanket...

"Depths" is a short / flash fiction piece I recently pitched for an anthology submission, Unfortunately it didn't reach the shortlist this time, but I did receive some very helpful and constructive feedback.

Its barely a week in, and 2021 doing its upmost to make us miss 2020...

@deerbard Because to me DA felt like it had a less judgmental approach to ppls work. I can't quite explain, but with sites like Behance, Humble Voice and Ello, I didnt feel like my work was good enough.

So are we now entering 2020's redemption arc or what?

Comparing US and UK elections is like comparing the US and UK versions of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares...

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Say what you want about American politics, but a UK election has never been this insane..

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