Folks dropped off a load of old and stuff from when I was a kid. The models must be near 24 years old (mid 90s), a lot I never started. Had a weird compulsion to paint something. Meet the Old Guard.

@matt @write_as Hello! Any idea what's happening here? Posting a link to my Mastodon profile and the excerpt awkwardly includes the HTML for the image in the post. However when Read.writeas posts a link to same post, the HTML is ignored.. ?? Had this happen a few times.

I recently picked up Portrait Drawing by Joanna Henly. A concise series of exercises and tips on how to draw people's faces and features. The first set of exercises are to study and practice sketching the skull. Here are a few of my studies.

Each Study 1-3 were drawn using a different app. 1 is with Autodesk Sketchbook. 2 is with Adobe Photoshop Sketch. 3 is with Artflow.


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