SLOWLY Return to Meaningful Discourse - how a pen pal app could allow us to understand and appreciate our global neighbours.

Delighted to announce my new website is live! - please take a look.

This playlist is going to be my life for the next few weeks.. and Aug 30th can't come soon enough.

Ghost Atlas' "Sleep Therapy" is all I'm about right now. Seriously can't get enough.. 👍

Catching up on all the happenings at , I love the look of WatchdogsLegion, and can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077. Doom is always a guarantee but Devolver Digital knock it out the park for video presentations...

Folks dropped off a load of old and stuff from when I was a kid. The models must be near 24 years old (mid 90s), a lot I never started. Had a weird compulsion to paint something. Meet the Old Guard.

I think we solved Brexit tonight at the writer's . 2nd referendum in the form of Bandersnatch 2. Highest voted ending wins.

on Android is something I've been waiting on for some time, and it's a joy to finally be able to play it anywhere.

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