Ghost Atlas' "Sleep Therapy" is all I'm about right now. Seriously can't get enough.. 👍

Catching up on all the happenings at , I love the look of WatchdogsLegion, and can't wait for Cyberpunk 2077. Doom is always a guarantee but Devolver Digital knock it out the park for video presentations...

Folks dropped off a load of old and stuff from when I was a kid. The models must be near 24 years old (mid 90s), a lot I never started. Had a weird compulsion to paint something. Meet the Old Guard.

I think we solved Brexit tonight at the writer's . 2nd referendum in the form of Bandersnatch 2. Highest voted ending wins.

on Android is something I've been waiting on for some time, and it's a joy to finally be able to play it anywhere.

I drew robots. Because sometimes I just draw robots =D. I always have fun doing it

If you have a pro account, you can get embedded iframe videos to behave as responsive by using this simple html & css method.

Worked a treat! 👍 @write_as

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