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I'm Duckie and I do mostly digital art but I love traditional drawing materials too, especially markers. I just finished Inktober for the first time ever and got to put some pieces into my first ever gallery show to boot! Double whammy! I love drawing my OCs, character illustration, and portraits though I'd really like to get into making comics. I'm working on making that a reality sooner rather than later. Hi hey howdy is my favorite way of greeting the internet so hi hey howdy y'all!

Added foil to that pouring and it really makes the glitter stand out more. I just sold it before I could list it anywhere, too lol

It took four layers but I finally got this piece where I wanted it more or less. It was a great experiment on using mica flakes in my pouring paintings and really lent itself to the beachy water theme I've managed to pull off.

whoop i've been missing from over here sorry y'all!

PS: gender stuff again:
Pangender, I think. It seems to fit best so far. I like it. It's growing on me every minute.

Monogamy ❀️ doesn't πŸ’œ invalidate πŸ’™ bisexuality

Hey I dont have 24k followers and comics clout but your first comic should be whatever you want it to be! 8 pages, 800 pages, what matters is you're creating a story and even if it doesn't work out or you don't finish, you had fun and learned along the way

To finish spamming y'all with everything I did this weekend, here's a few commission examples I did for my artist alley table at Furry Fiesta.

By request from Tumblr, I also drew these this weekend.

Royce, Rat, and Hank are all my characters. Ace, with his tongue out, belongs to @hakbot

I finished these guys up this weekend finally haha

All were drawn on marker paper, inked and colored with Copic pens/markers, and then pasted to bristol board before being hand cut.

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What would I even do for hourly comic day? I'd have to do it wed bc I work on thurs but like... I'd probably still be working on the previous comic each hour lol

I'm so gay I'm hiding in the office mentally recharging after helping a particularly cute customer with her class supply list. I helped her find it all in 5 min. What a dumbass I am. I should have paced myself to seem less spazzy omg

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Typically I forego a test-cut for paper children sketches but I knew Rat would need one so I went ahead and gave Redeye and Royce a spin, too. There will be a few tweaks before they go to ink and color.

Some rough sketches for paper children ideas before bed tonight. I don't normally do these digitally so now I'm gonna have to print them out to tweak them.

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can't even share a joke because i think too hard about it and what people will think when i reblog it so haha someone tell me to relax already

/the life of a virgo/

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