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Further mapping out the current mastodon universe around digital art software

These folks are already here


These folks are hashtagged alot

Those are the hashtags people generally use

Obviously I might be missing some, this is a quick search

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I think I followed all the image generating bots appearing on the federated timeline :fediverse:

Conveniently aggregated here for all those other damaged brains out there that get triggered by random visual stimuli 😂


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Music used to be a fractal thing, produced locally, consumed locally, with infinite variation, from village to village, but quite stable over generations

Nowadays industrialization / consumerism created well organized, delocalized musical genres that have global reach but change regularly (at least a few times for each generation)

Not sure what to make of it. Just a realization that musical space and time swapped roles so to speak

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Was wondering if anybody ever thought of using d3.js Sure enough there are some traces around in the blogosphere but was expecting a bit more. Maybe the API is too low level

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Hello everyone. Hello bots. I have joined to be in the company of artistic people and to enjoy some free brain stimulus. One day I might be able to reciprocate but my track record is not good. I like too many things. Generative art is a perennial favorite. Modal music to my ears. Developer by day and night. Love all things , and

ok, the random tartan generator using /svgwrite is finally working. Had to learn some feBlend basics which is pretty powerful feature

on to the next bot challenge, the random tree generator :-)

90% of data was created in the last two years. Does this mean that 90% of knowledge has also been created in the last two years?

90% of data was created in the last two years. Does this mean that 90% of knowledge has also been created in the last two years?

Had an overdose of art at the Venice Bienalle. Theme is 'may you live in interesting times', which we certainly do...

A few small notes on CWs and images marked sensitive:

1) Make sure when you CW/mark sensitive, you also describe *why* you're CWing it. People need to know what's under the cut/image blur so they can make an informed decision about viewing it.

2) When deciding whether to mark something as sensitive, try to think: If I viewed this image at work would I get in trouble? Even if your explicitly sexy/lewd artwork has the naughty bits censored, it's still kind to CW/mark it as sensitive.

I am running a open/public wiki with reasonable traffic (given its a rather specialized domain) but having trouble getting people to contribute content. Trying to think of some incentive scheme (apparently recognition is not sufficient), maybe matching potential sponsors to content authors.

Looking at for ideas but it seems its mostly used for software. Anybody can point to something like that in operation? A bit reluctant to go boldly where nobody went before...

Well, this sucks. Linux Journal is no more (again).

Hopefully the website stays around as it has some really good content.

Sorry to see it go. All the best to @kyle and crew.


Did you know anywhere you see a like button on an article or a FB-enabled comment section, you're being tracked by Facebook even if you're not signed in?

Well, our latest Facebook Container Extension update blocks those widgets from tracking you: tweeted by @Firefox

I am pretty excited about the whole thing. Can't think of some other development in those absurd, incoherent, nasty times that is more or less just... good

Which choice is more artistic in your view?

@Saule I only do this as a hobby, for self expression and as a way to work through my feelings. If only someone would pay me for it! 😆

And yeah, I do everything myself. Occasionally someone else will take the picture, like my husband or a photographer friend, but that's pretty rare.

35 days to go! A few people have asked about the possibility of a physical collection of this project, in book or mag form, so I'm looking into options that balance cost and quality. Just for my information as I look around, how many of you would be willing or able to buy a book? And if you're comfortable answering this: how much might you be willing to spend? No judgement or pressure at all! This is purely reconnaissance.

Lastly, an enormous thank you for all the love! 💕

We denigrate echo chambers as fake and divisive constructs but at the same time we feel the need to pursue the things we like and avoid the things that annoy us. Not sure how we can square this

rip Rutger Hauer. Your dying monologue in blade runner is one of the cinema's moments that touched me deeply (along we many others I think)

Maybe because we all know there comes a moment where the incredible things we all saw near our mind's Tanhausser gate will be lost in time like tears in rain...

"If you can’t be certain what data Microsoft collects or how the company will use it, then you can’t give informed consent."


Kyoto Animation is a progressive animation studio that truly embodied the idea of gentle art that healed the heart.They were also a house of some of the most proficient animators of natural movement in our generation Please consider donating to help them


Please consider donating if you enjoy their stuff. It's an abhorrent tragedy about what has happened.


Help us help our friends at Kyoto Animation by donating (if you can) or sharing:


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