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Further mapping out the current mastodon universe around digital art software

These folks are already here


These folks are hashtagged alot

Those are the hashtags people generally use

Obviously I might be missing some, this is a quick search

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I think I followed all the image generating bots appearing on the federated timeline :fediverse:

Conveniently aggregated here for all those other damaged brains out there that get triggered by random visual stimuli 😂


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Music used to be a fractal thing, produced locally, consumed locally, with infinite variation, from village to village, but quite stable over generations

Nowadays industrialization / consumerism created well organized, delocalized musical genres that have global reach but change regularly (at least a few times for each generation)

Not sure what to make of it. Just a realization that musical space and time swapped roles so to speak

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Was wondering if anybody ever thought of using d3.js Sure enough there are some traces around in the blogosphere but was expecting a bit more. Maybe the API is too low level

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Hello everyone. Hello bots. I have joined to be in the company of artistic people and to enjoy some free brain stimulus. One day I might be able to reciprocate but my track record is not good. I like too many things. Generative art is a perennial favorite. Modal music to my ears. Developer by day and night. Love all things , and

Mmm, if is deleting billions of fake accounts each year, I wonder how many of the 2,325,456 accounts are actually real.

What is "real" anyway

So after upgrading to the latest (19) and fiddling again with the mess for an eternity, eventually compiled with GPU access and I got my "hello world" moment 😑

Should be more interesting from now on. Curious also to get deeper into , especially now that is using it to become the world's bank with

that feeling when somebody "loves" your masterpiece on @ello, only to transpire its a porn account 😅

Hello. I'm new to Mastodon and relatively new to art in general. Hopefully I'll be able to both give and gain inspiration from here. I mostly draw characters, both digitally and traditionally, some of my digital works can be found on my DeviantArt at .

Sometimes an artist's vision just makes your synapses go berserk, reconfiguring in bizarre ways that don't seem to make any sense except in an alternate universe

installed and just fine on linux box
but somehow drivers not recognized
should have been a warning signal, but it wasn't
started fiddling with goddamn cuda stuff
somehow libstdc++6 got involved
it was downhill from there on
up to when apt and dpkg lost their magic

and now the box is broken - terminally
even tried google, my surveillance engine of last resort

: the best excuse to spend a day reinstalling your operating system 😖

I have always been amazed by the ability of artists to sense the future way ahead of "normal" people

Maybe its "survivorship bias" (we only recall those artistic visions that happen to play out)

Maybe its a pact with the Universe: I give up any hope of "normality" and you show me your secrets

Which makes me think that if the browser cannot be a stable operating system maybe a stable operating system should become the browser

I don't exactly what that means (way beyond my technical chops) but maybe there is some link with , and the browser

It occured to me that the "web browser" design and concept is a piece of unmitigated software architecture disaster

It doesn't matter if its the spying variety or the benign version

In an otherwise extremely stable and able family of apps the web browser is the only component that regularly blows up

Its clearly not an issue of the devs not having enough smarts... The idea of browser as an OS seems to be doing the leaking

So why isn't there more widespread collective "visuals making"

Maybe vision is fundamentally different: Even if we experience emotions looking at things, it might be more abstract / less closely linked to pleasure centers

Maybe its just a matter of tech to enable it

Maybe the tech can already enable this (in principle) but we haven't developed the tools (and ourselves) to mold it into something easy and appealing

That last possibility would be interesting...


Music making seems to be the only collective mental masturbation activity that is not considered a taboo in any society

I mean there is censorship around types of music etc but a truly prudish society would forbid any sort of jam session involving musical instruments as: "corrupting the soul" through the inappropriate remote touching of eardrums

I have always wondered if with the help of digital tech we could have visual collective music making experiences of some sort...


What will look like ten years from now?

Bots will probably be quite a bit more sophisticated. Maybe taking cues from what people say and adapting their mood

People will be very skilled in digital art and the tools will allow turning emotions to audio visual experience with ease and gusto

The platform itself will be much smarter, working hard to bring people in real communication

Or maybe not

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