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Interestingly, we can apply orbit traps to newton fractals.

Welcome back Ada ! (she looks quite unamused on the right picture)

This one is brain-dead simple yet quite clever in the result

The gray value of a point simply represents the length of the smallest fractional part in the trajectory

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Some sponge orbit trap. I really wonder how people design these things. Do they just try random formulas until it gives a result?


I reused some weird orbit trap formula I found in a shader, and I've no idea what I'm doing :star_eyes:

The third one looks a bit like peacock feathers

The funny thing with this approach is that Pickover discovered it by mistake

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I really don't understand why people bother writing articles if they don't give the actual details to make it works properly :x

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I'm going to work on coloring, but oof what a nightmare to find resources about orbit trap coloring. Most resources just give the very basic approach, which produce ugly results

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