Hey, as I know a lot of you are doing electronics as a hobby, do you know any good simulation software? In a previous life, I was using Proteus, but it's not free

Boost appreciated

@digit Did you know that Brocoli is not originally something Nature created.
When I firstly heard that I was not believing it.

Back in the days humans were experimenting with plants to find new ones and after long time, they managed to get brocoli.


Did a few more versions of another sold out drawing! Nautilus #4 & #5 are now up in my store.

Micron pens on bristol paper.

No randomness in the design, but lots of fun to try new color combos.


@CobaltVelvet You may have simpler ways to create this kind of pattern though ; these experiments just applies non linear transforms randomly to the IFS, in order for me to quickly discard combinations that are not worth investigating

@CobaltVelvet In all of them, I take the original IFS for the centered triangle, but I compose each function with a non-linear transform

For the third image, it's this one (p1 and p2 are parameters, with values 0.67 and -0.58)

The first one looks like a weird fractal cabbage leaf 🤷

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